Watch Dogs Easter Eggs and Secrets – Find The Fish That Raps

Watch Dogs offers a wide-range of Easter Eggs and references to other Ubisoft games, which was expected of it!

References to Assassin’s Creed franchise and Child of Light have become common knowledge, but if you’re still to discover them, then you’ve come to the right place.

Watch Dogs Easter Eggs

Read on to know about every Easter Eggs and secret that has been discovered so far:

Golden Desert Eagle (D50)
This semi-automatic pistol can be unlocked from Uplay Store for only 30 Uplay Points.

To unlock this weapon, go to Uplay from Main Menu and click ‘Rewards’ followed by selecting Golden Desert Eagle (D50).

Popular Meme References
Throughout the city, you’ll come across several electronic signs which can be hacked using Aiden’s smartphone. When hacked, these electronic boards will start displaying messages from popular memes instead of any advertising.

There are about 60 different messages that can be seen. However, you can only hack one electronic board at a time.

Aisha Tyler
For those of you who don’t know, Aisha Tyler is an actress and spokesperson for Ubisoft’s press conferences.

In Watch_Dogs, you can find her talking to another NPC during Wrench in the Works campaign mission.

In addition to this, you can also peek into her apartment. To do so, head over to City Hall in The Loop and you’ll come across a City Hotspot Location.

Right next to this City Hotspot location, you’ll find a ctOS Console which can be hacked (an unmarked Privacy Invasion). After hacking into her apartment, you’ll see listen to her humorous conversation over the phone. This isn’t the one you should miss!

Assassin’s Creed
While exploring Chicago, you’ll come across an NPC with ‘Former Abstergo Employee’ written under his profile. Every Assassin’s Creed fan is well-aware of Abstergo Industries.

Furthermore, during a Privacy Invasion, you’ll come across a father and his son playing a game. The father will ask his son why is he talking to a man he just killed? When the son will try to explain, his dad will say that this is outright stupid.

This is a clear reference to assassinations in Assassin’s Creed franchise where the protagonist talks to the victim after killing him.

Cheating in Poker
If you’re one of those players who won’t settle for anything less than 100% game completion then you must win at least three games (three different opponents) of Poker which can be a problem if you aren’t a Poker player.

However, thanks to technology and Aiden’s smartphone, it is way too easy to cheat in Poker.

All you need to do is to spot a CCTV Camera in the area and hack it. Yes, you’ll be able to do so while playing Poker.

And by doing so, you’ll not only be able to check your opponents’ stress level, but also see their cards. This will put you on a huge advantage over them.

Using this method, you’ll not only be attaining 100% game completion, but will also be making quite big bucks in no time! Fancy a game of Poker? Bet you do!

Slender Man References
Throughout Chicago’s alleyways, you’ll come across graffiti of Slender Man in narrow alleyways. You can check this video for more accurate location:

Raving Rabbid
During the mission Big Brother, you’ll enter Nicky’s House.

While inside Nicky’s House, keep on going straight and enter Jacks’ bedroom on your left side. Once inside, you’ll see Raving Rabbid sitting on a shelf.

You can also hack it and he’ll do a short dance for you.

Child of Light
During main campaign mission Big Brother, you’ll enter Nicky’s House.

Once you’re inside Nicky’s House, keep going straight and you’ll find Jacks sitting on a couch and playing something on his tablet.

Look closely using the hack-able camera and you’ll notice that he is playing Child of Light which is a platformer video game developed by Ubisoft.

Fish that Raps
Head to the Parker Square followed by heading inside Texture Patch clothing shop.

In this shop, you’ll come across a wall-mounted trout (near the cash counter) who will sing a rap song for you. Real gangster stuff!

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