Watch Dogs Crime Detection ‘Read Only Guide

During the campaign, several notifications will keep on popping-up on your screen. These notifications are there to inform you about Online Contracts, Potential Fixers, and Crime Detection.

Watch Dogs Crime Detection

In this guide, I’ll be strictly sticking to Crime Detection. Crime Detection basically works in two ways:

  • You will come to know about a potential crime while profiling people with your Smart Phone.
  • Crime Detection system of ctOS will automatically alert you of possible crime scenes near your location.

Along with the notifications, you will also be provided with a waypoint leading you directly to the crime scene. However, you will have a brief time to respond lest the notification will disappear.

If you decide to follow the crime scene, retract any weapons/tools and reach the waypoint within allotted time space. After reaching there, you must stay calm and hidden while profiling different NPCs to spot potential criminal.

Mostly, there are two persons involved in a crime scene:

  • Potential Victim
  • Criminal

However, there are some crimes involving only criminal like someone trying to blow up a fuel-station.


Once you have spotted the criminal, you must not spook him or he would refrain from committing the crime and you won’t be able to catch him.

Keep your eyes peeled on the potential victim and criminal while hidden and soon, you’ll be asked to intervene. You must have a rapid response to intervene; therefore, it is advised that you stay close to the suspects.

Once you’re told to intervene, there are a number of things that you can do, for example: shooting down the criminal, disabling him, taking him down, running over him, or using hacking to bring him down.

Note that, the highest degree of rewards is only awarded if you take down the criminal and save the victim. You can also witness the whole crime scene and then take out the criminal, but it’ll yield less rewards than the former option.

Once you stop the criminal, you will be awarded with bonus XP and reputation gain which is important if you plan on committing crimes and getting away unnoticed.

The game encourages you to take part in putting a stop to these activities with promising rewards like Quick Switch skill is only unlocked after completing one incident of Crime Detection.

Completing 10 incidents of Crime Detection unlocks Chrome Weapon and completing 20 unlocks Read-Only Achievement/Trophy.

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