Watch Dogs Chess Puzzle Solutions Guide – Path, Survival, End Game and Capture

Aside from augmented-reality based games that require you to collect Gold Coins, stop multiple waves of alien invasion, and drive a 8-legged gigantic spider-tank; there are some old school mini-games like Chess.

You’ll come across a bunch of people with way too much free time on their hands, inviting you to have a go in a game of Chess.

And you’re not allowed to ignore them! Why? Because someone at Ubisoft thought it was a good idea to lock away the most important skill behind finding Chess puzzle solutions.

That’s right! If you wish to acquire highest level of Focus, you need to find at least 10 Chess Puzzle Solutions.

Although there are 150 puzzles to choose from, each is more frustrating than the previous one; especially if you’re not a Chess fan like me.

Luckily, Chess veterans here at SegmentNext have proven themselves as life-savers and have provided solutions to all puzzles that you’ll come across!

Watch Dogs Chess Puzzle Solutions

Check out the videos below and solve most of the frustrating challenges in the game:

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