Ubisoft Might Have Teased Watch Dogs 3, Game Announcement At E3 2018 Perhaps?

We know this already that Ubisoft has four AAA games rolling out this year. Although among them we know of two, The Crew 2 and Skull & Bones. The two other games that we are not aware off are in the shadows of dense speculations. Though perhaps with the recent possible tease, one of the game could possibly be Watch Dogs 3.

There are various kinds of speculations that have been gathering around Watch Dogs 3, most of which originate from the mere desire of fans to play Watch Dogs 3.

We have not had any exact confirmation from Ubisoft so take this with a grain of salt. That being said, there have been some minor indirect references that the fans of Watch Dogs 3 have been noticing.

Before we jump to those references, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. We all know the success Watch Dogs 2 has had, from the gameplay to the world design, everything was loved by fans.

The best part has been its ridiculous yet entertaining hacking shenanigans. It only feels natural that a Watch Dogs 3 should be underway.

On March 31, 2018, a fan of Watch Dogs, who goes by the name “AllHailJacko” posted multiple videos among which was one video somewhat related to the 3rd sequel of Watch Dogs.

In the video, we can see the Uplay client open and flickering “admin_console” and by clicking on it the user is taken to what appears to be a prompt which has a list of commands.

Here one command lets the user artificially increase his profile level and other drops virtual coins from above.

While one other command shows the list of unreleased games, which are although hidden with slashes and asterisks as if the list was corrupted by a hacker.

Considering hacking has been one of the most notorious features in Watch Dogs, this tease in the Uplay, is very much relatable to Watch Dogs 3.

Putting that into context, as reported by “gamerant” very recently we have also had, a Tweet on the official Watch Dogs account “This is everything” before being quickly removed.

So, at the moment everything is pretty vague, only time will tell, but there is a high possibility of a Watch Dog 3 reveal sometime soon. Perhaps keeping an eye out for this game coming E3 2018, June would not be a bad option.