Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Guide – How to Hack, Hacking Tips

Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Guide to help you learn different types of hacking methods along with tips to help you carry out successful hacks.

Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Guide to help you learn different types of hacking methods along with tips to help you carry out successful hacks.

Hacking in Watch Dogs 2 essentially revolves around hacking vehicles, objects, security systems, people, etc. As a general rule of thumb, you should try to use NetHack after arriving in an area which should provide you with enough information regarding all available hackable objects, etc.

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Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Guide

In our Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about hacking in the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Hacking

Automatic Takedown
For this, you need to drive past a pursuing vehicle and hit the on-screen prompt. This should allow you to disable the pursuing vehicle by triggering a billboard, a steam pipe, or traffic lights.

Hacking Objects
You can interact with different objects in the environment in various ways i.e. trigger, proximity trigger, shutdown, and attract. Here is a brief overview of all the options.

  • Trigger – Detonate an Object
  • Shutdown – Switch off Devices like Motion Detectors, Lasers, etc.
  • Proximity Trigger – Create a Trap that Detonate Upon Enemy Impact
  • Attract – Attracts Nearby Enemies, Works really Well with Proximity Trigger

Hacking People
Similar to objects, you can also manipulate people i.e. civilians, enemies, etc. It can be done in multiple ways which are outlined below.

  • Call the Police – Allows you to Select a Target even Policemen and Have Them Arrested
  • Acquire – Allows you to Replenish Funds/BotNet, Access to Private Conversations, Explode, etc.
  • Call a Gang – Similar to Call the Police, but Calls in a Rival Gang, Excellent for Engaging Police Forces
  • Distract – Allows you to Incapacitate a Target for a Few Seconds or Force them to Check their Phones

Hacking Vehicles
Similar to people and objects, you can also hack vehicles in a variety of ways. You cannot only move vehicles in different directions, but also remotely drive them and bring them to a halt at will. When used properly, the hack can save you from many bad situations.

Access Keys
The Access Keys are acquired from two different methods i.e. an enemy or a laptop. The idea is to cycle through cameras or use your Quadcopter/Jumper to find the source and hack it to find the key.

Closed-Circuit Terminals
The red BLUME boxes are used to lock a door/gate. In order to unlock them, you need to use the NetHack to reveal the dataflow and hack it to turn it from red to blue. Once done, you should be able to access the locked door/gate.

Network Bypass
It basically requires completing a mini-game. Your job is to turn the dataflow from red to blue, but in order to do it, you must move conduit nodes to unlock other nodes and eventually the entire dataflow. It is something which is available in the original Watch Dogs and is also found throughout the game’s Main Missions and Side Operations.

Mass Hack
As the name suggests, the Mass Hack basically allows you to cause destruction at a large scale. There are a total of three options to try which are outlined after the break.

  • Mass System Crash – Completely Shuts Down Every Hackable Object in the Near Vicinity
  • Mass Comms Disruptor – Allows you to Distract All Nearby Enemies and Citizens in an Area
  • Mass Vehicle Hack – Forces All Vehicles in Nearby Vicinity to Move in Random Directions, Causing an Explosion

The NetHack can be considered as Eagle Vision from the Assassin’s Creed games. It shows you enemies, hackable objects, objectives, etc. in the nearby area – even behind walls/doors. The POIs are represented in different colors e.g. enemies are displayed in red color.

Remote Control
Things like cranes, forklifts, etc. can be operated remotely using the Remote Control hack. You can use this in order to access otherwise inaccessible areas, collect intel, or get to a better location. Try using your NetHack in an open space to get an idea of all available options at your disposal.

Security Cameras
One of the first hacks you learn in the game are related to Security Cameras. Whenever you enter an area, you should try and use your NetHack to get a clear picture of where exactly all the CCTV cameras are and plan your strategy accordingly.

Security Systems
Security Systems in Watch Dogs 2 involve things like motion detectors and lasers. In order to get a clear picture of where the security systems are deployed, use your NetHack and disable them before proceeding with the mission. Once important thing that you need to note is that you can only disable the Security Systems temporarily.

This is all we have on our Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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