Wasteland 3 Weapon Mods Guide

Wasteland 3 allows players to modify their weapons with a variety of weapon mods for better stats or unique effects. This detailed Wasteland 3 Weapon Mods guide explains what weapon mods are, how to mod said weapons, equip them and gives a brief overview of all their respective effects.

Wasteland 3 Weapon Mods

There are extra slots available on your weapon when you first equip it; these are for the various weapon mods found in Wasteland 3.

These extra slots are used to equip more of the weapon mods found in Wasteland 3 to your weapon and tweak it, these weapon mods help in all aspects of combat like offense and defense.

These mods are something you find as you play and progress through the game, they will be found in chests or might be dropped by enemies when you take them down or will be given to you as mission rewards.

You can also buy these weapon mods from the merchants in the game.

Modding weapons is a commitment in Wasteland 3 as you’ll be using up the slot in your weapon when doing so.


Replacing an old mod with a new mod is possible but at the cost of the previously installed one.

So, you need to be very careful when choosing mods for your weapon as you will be losing the old mods permanently.

Weapon Modding Skill

The Weapon modding skill is what is required for you to be able to change and install mods on your weapon.

There are levels in the weapon modding skill and as the skill level increases you will be able to install a mod with a higher skill level requirement and increase the field scrap stripping by 10% each time (up to 100%).

You can easily level up your weapon modding skill by spending skill points.

There are a total of 28 skill points required to acquire all 10 levels. This is a worthwhile skill point investment as you will be able to install better mods to your weapon.

You will also be able to field strip down your weapon to get more scrap for more parts.

Below we have listed down all the available weapon modifications in Wasteland 3 and their skill level requirement as well as what is the effect that mod will have on your weapon.

Mod Name Mod Type Mod Effect Skill Lvl. Requirement
Alloy Barrel Barrel Damage: +2 Lvl. 1 Weapon Modding
Cut-Rifled Barrel Barrel Penetration: +1 Min. Damage: -4 Max. Damage: +4 Lvl. 1 Weapon Modding
Tactical Light Under Barrel Hit Chance: +5% Lvl. 3 Weapon Modding
Full Choke Choke Range: +1M Lvl. 2 Weapon Modding
21MM Magnifying Scope Scope Range: +2M Lvl. 2 Weapon Modding
Laser Sight Under Barrel Critical Damage: +0.1x Lvl. 2 Weapon Modding
Tape Grip Handle Critical Chance: +5% Lvl. 1 Weapon Modding
Balancing Weights Weight Penetration: +1 Min. Damage: -4 Max. Damage: +4 Lvl. 2 Weapon Modding
Long Mag Magazine Magazine Size: +1 Lvl. 1 Weapon Modding
Tactical Grip Handle Hit Chance: +3% Lvl. 1 Weapon Modding
Razor Box Weight 50% Chance to apply Bleeding Lvl. 10 Weapon Modding
Wide Choke Choke Cone Angle: +10 Lvl. 1 Weapon Modding
Heavy Weights Weight Damage: +4 Lvl. 5 Weapon Modding
Toxin Cell Weight 100% Chance to apply Poisoned Lvl. 10 Weapon Modding
Grooved Grip Handle Hit Chance: +5% Lvl. 3 Weapon Modding
Overmolded Grip Handle Hit Chance: +7% Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding
Cylinder Choke Choke Cone Angle: +15 Lvl. 3 Weapon Modding
Plasma Linkage Under Barrel Converts to Energy Damage Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding
Red Dot Scope Scope Critical Chance: +5% Lvl. 3 Weapon Modding
Extended Mag Magazine Magazine Size: +2 Lvl. 2 Weapon Modding
Columbium Barrel Barrel Damage: +4 Lvl. 3 Weapon Modding
Broach-Rifled Barrel Barrel Penetration: +2 Min. Damage: -8 Max. Damage: +8 Lvl. 4 Weapon Modding
Rubber Grip Handle Critical Chance: +10% Lvl. 4 Weapon Modding
Symmetrical Weights Weight Penetration: +2 Min. Damage: -8 Max. Damage: +8 Lvl. 5 Weapon Modding
Ultraviolet Laser Sight Under Barrel Critical Damage: +0.2x Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding
38MM Magnifying Scope Scope Range: +6M Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding
Max Capacity Mag Magazine Magazine Size: +4 Lvl. 3 Weapon Modding
Extra Turkey Choke Choke Range: +3M Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding
Hammerforge-Rifled Barrel Barrel Penetration: +3 Min. Damage: -16 Max. Damage: +16 Lvl. 7 Weapon Modding
Spec-Ops Laser Sight Under Barrel Critical Damage: +0.1x Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding
32MM Magnifying Scope Scope Range: +4M Lvl. 4 Weapon Modding
Extra Full Choke Choke Range: +2M Lvl. 4 Weapon Modding
Sound Suppressor Barrel Penetration: +3 Sneak Attack Dmg.: +20.0% Lvl. 5 Weapon Modding
Incendiary Linkage Under Barrel Converts to Fire Damage Lvl. 3 Weapon Modding
Counterforce Weights Weight Penetration: +3 Min. Damage: -16 Max. Damage: +16 Lvl. 9 Weapon Modding
Fiberglass Grip Handle Critical Chance: +15% Lvl. 8 Weapon Modding
Cryocell Linkage Under Barrel Converts to Cold Damage Lvl. 4 Weapon Modding

This is all you need to know about the weapon modifications in the Wasteland 3 about how to equip them and what are the perks they offer