Wasteland 3 The Final Battle of Colorado Walkthrough

This a walkthrough guide for Wasteland 3 The Final Battle of Colorado that will cover all the decisions that you...

This a walkthrough guide for Wasteland 3 The Final Battle of Colorado that will cover all the decisions that you have to make and the effect of these decisions on your companion’s future.

The fate of Colorado lies in your hands as you are forced to pick a side in the final mission of Wasteland 3. This decision can be very tough because there will be consequences regardless of the side you choose.

Wasteland 3 The Final Battle of Colorado

After eliminating Liberty Buchanan and returning to the world map, Angela Deth will give you a decision to make; To side with her or to stick with the Patriarch.

Your choice will decide whether some of your companions stick with you or side with the opposing forces.

If you choose to stick with the Patriarch, the following characters will stay or leave:

  • Stay – Marshal Kwon, Lucia Wesson, and Jodie Bell.
  • Leave – Ironclad Cordite.

Victory Buchanan will get knocked out by Sgt. Greatski.

And the following characters will stay or leave if you side with Angela Deth:

  • Stay – Ironclad Cordite, Victory Buchanan.
  • Leave – Jodie Bell.

Lucia Wesson will get shot by Angela Deth and Marshal Kwon will get arrested or executed.

Scotchmo, Pizepi Joren, and Fishlips will stay with you regardless of the side you choose.

Now, the Ranger menu will open up and you will be told to pick your team members.

Your next objective is to disable the alarm system in the garage, armory, and brig. This is a must-to-do objective for both sides.

Use the terminal in the control room to open the tunnel to Downtown Colorado Springs. You’ll be able to use Kodiak now during the final battle.

Also, remember not to be aggressive against anyone in the front yard or you’ll have to fight dozens of enemies.

Downtown Colorado Springs Conflict

When you reach Downtown Colorado Spring on the south of Ranger HQ, you’ll see that Mama Cotter will be rioting there along with other refugees.

The Patriarch’s Side: The marshals will be pleased to have you there and the refugees will back down if you have a good reputation with them.

Angela Deth’s Side: The marshals will not like you but you will be loved by the refugees. The only way to end the conflict would be to kill Sheriff Daisy and his adversaries.

Now go inside the Patriarch’s museum and place one character on the plate and the other near the red button to press it.

Call the elevator up when prompted by either hacking the terminal or manually turning it off. This will start the final encounter.

The End is Here

The Patriarch’s Side
Angela Deth will now march out of nowhere with her squad in their trucks.

You will now be prompted to either attack her, banish her and her squad, or use Kiss Ass 10 to make her surrender and set Pistol Pete, Takayuki, and Brother Thomas free.

You can choose either of these options.

The Patriarch will then ask you to stay in Colorado but you can choose the option to return to Arizona and rebuild there.

Angela Deth’s Side
The Patriarch will get flanked by his two bodyguards; Adamant and Immaculate, while driving his tank.

This will start a boss fight. You can use the Kodiak to cluster bomb the enemies and defeat them easily.

Three elite bodyguards will now arrive that you will have to defeat in order to finish the battle.

Now you will be given four options to choose from:

  • Execute the Patriarch.
  • Arrest him.
  • Exile him.
  • Hand him to the mob.

After dealing with the Patriarch, Angela will then ask you to either call General Woodson to Colorado with Rangers or Return to Arizona.

If you choose to call Woodson here, you can make Angela stay here if you meet the requirements.

Angela Deth will depart Colorado with her squad if you don’t meet the requirements, triggering an ending to the game based on your choices.

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