Wasteland 3 Tarjan Token Locations Guide

Playing through Wasteland 3, you might find yourself underpowered often. A way to boost your character’s abilities is by using Tarjan Tokens. In this Wasteland 3 Tarjan Token Locations Guide, we’ll be showing you where you can find all of the tokens to upgrade your character.

Wasteland 3 Tarjan Token Locations

The collectible Tarjan Tokens can be found scattered in the world of Wasteland 3. You can use them to get buffs for your character known as Tarjan Perks.

You can acquire either temporary buffs or permanent buffs that stick to give your character an edge in combat.

It is worth noting that you can either get temporary buffs, which are pretty powerful or permanent buffs, which last for the whole game but are comparatively weaker than the temporary buffs.

Using Tarjan Tokens
The tokens you collect can only be used once. To start claiming your perks, head to the Bizarre. Go inside the Cabinet of Curiosities and go to the giant stone throne; beside it is the Tarjan machine.

Remember that each permanent buff can only be acquired for one character exclusively. You will not be able to get the same perk for another character once you’ve acquired it.


In order to get your hands on Tarjan Tokens, you’ll have to level up your Toaster Repair. The max you’ll need is Level 6 for Toaster Repair.

You can find Tarjan Tokens in the following locations.

  • Ranger HQ (Toaster Repair 3)
  • Wesson Family Estate (Toaster Repair 4)
  • San Lux Apartments, Colorado Springs (Toaster Repair 4)
  • Tunnels of the Wonderous (Toaster Repair 5)
  • The Patriarch’s Bunker (Toaster Repair 6)
  • Union Station Bunker (Toaster Repair 6)
  • Ghost Town (Toaster Repair 6)
  • Machine Commune, Denver (Toaster Repair 6)
  • Little Hell, Aspen (Toaster Repair 7)

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