Wasteland 3 Old Survivalist Bunker Walkthrough

In this Wasteland 3 Survivalist Bunker guide, we have provided the entire walkthrough of the Survivalist bunker area including collectibles

In this Wasteland 3 Old Survivalist Bunker guide, we have provided the entire walkthrough of the Survivalist bunker area along with secret locations where you can find a few useful items and weapons.

Wasteland 3 Old Survivalist Bunker

After dealing with the Bizarre, you’ll be tasked to find Ironclad Cordite who is currently imprisoned in the Old Survivalist Bunker and it’s your duty to set him free.

Note that saving Ironclad Cordite from the Old Survivalist Bunker may be considered a side quest,  but it still heavily alters the gameplay at the end. Therefore, it’s an important quest that you must complete.

The quest starts off at Old Survivalist Bunker. The entrance is found hidden in the Patriarch’s statue at Broadmoor Heights. Head into the hatch to come across a group of mercenaries.

In situations like these, you must use Hard Ass to demoralize the adversaries.

Hard Ass is a skill in Wasteland 3 that players will mostly use in conversations to intimidate the opponent. This Skill has 10 levels.

In this situation, use Hard Ass 7 to demoralize the group during the battle. Since the area doesn’t have any Mercs left, you can take them down without breaking a sweat.

However, if you’re somehow not able to deal with them, you can always use Animal Whisperer 5 to call a Cyborg Chicken to help you in a fight.

Once you’ve taken care of business, take a look at Toaster Repair 6 there with a Tarjan Token.

The area has a side door that leads you to a basement filled with frogs. These Frogs are some ruthless beasts that don’t show weakness to your weapon.

So, the best option is to ignore them and check the containers with weapons and Grey’s Anatomy skill book (First Aid +1).

Once the Frogs are in the opposite side of the room; this is your chance to assign a Ranger to repair the generator with Mechanics 6.

Once you’ve repaired the generator, you can interact with Ironclad Cordite through a vent in the room.

Giving him ammo, makes him help you after you set him free.

Once the conversation is over, head back to the hallway to enter the door on the right while taking care of the traps such as explosives on your way.

Entering the door will lead you to Ironclad Cordite. The AI-controlled Ironclad Cordite will use his shotgun-arm to kill opponents in the short battle that follows.

Once the battle within the Survivalist Bunker is over, interact with Ironclad Cordite. You have three options here, either to have him join your squad, shun him from your party, or kill him outright.

There’s a small room here with a Sawblade Cestus and a full set of Savage Armor inside a chest. Take the items and head back to the hallway to enter the opposite room.

This is the right time to use Hard Ass 5 to demoralize the mercs near the makeshift hospital there. Lockpicking 8 has a Fuckin’ Fred Doll waiting for you to take it.

Grab it and head back to the Old Survivalist Bunker’s entrance. The mercs will leave you alone if your fame is at a higher level. Reach the surface and talk to your contact to end this Quest.

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