Wasteland 3 Ranger HQ Incidents Guide

Throughout different points in the story, there will be certain events happening at your base. This Wasteland 3 Ranger HQ...

Throughout different points in the story, there will be certain events happening at your base. This Wasteland 3 Ranger HQ Incidents guide will go over these events in detail.

Before you set out into the world map of Wasteland 3 on your Kodiak, you may want to finish up all the incidents at the Rangers HQ.

Wasteland 3 Ranger HQ Incidents

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Incidents in the Colorado Rangers HQ.

Refugees vs. Rangers Incident

Inside Ranger HQ, Brig’s Superintendent Hope Emerson and Del Hackett are having an argument. The rangers want the refugees to get out of the locker room area.

Now you have two options

  • Side with the Rangers. You have Kiss Ass 5 or Kiss Ass 6 dialogue choices. You will get a minor rep boost with the rangers for this.
  • You can stand with the Refugees, netting you a decent amount of faction rep with them.

Ranger HQ’s vault

To open the Ranger HQ vault, which is situated behind the med bay area, you need the help of the slaver La Perla. You will find her just by the yard of Ranger HQ.

La Perla will help you get into the vault if you find a runaway slave named Hallie for her. You’ll have the option to accept or deny her deal

When you go to the Colorado Springs you will find Hallie there. Here, you have a couple of options to choose from.

  • You can tell Hallie that a slave master is searching for her. She’ll flee, and you’ll have to talk with La Perla once more.
  • You can deceive Hallie by telling her that her mother’s back in Ranger HQ. This will get her caught by La Perla.

If you let Hallie go, you can mislead La Perla about it. This will require Kiss-Ass 3

But if you help La Perla in catching Hallie, one of her subordinates gives you the vault code when you return.

In the vault, you will find a PDA, the Nuclear Knight Helmet, Power Armor Legs, Power Armor Helmet, Commandant’s Helmet, and Power Gauntlet.

Scotchmo Incident

You’ll find Scotchmo if you go to the mess hall. The old’ drunkard still wants to accompany you for a journey even though he had liver problems.

Randy Gett

The Kodiak garage mechanics will tell you about Randy Gett and the help they need from him. Pursuing this will take you to the Gett family Homestead.

The Redds and the Bombs

You’ll find Tom Redd in a Yard. He discloses to you that bombs have been attached to him and his better half Isabelle. They can’t come close to each other because the bomb will explode if they do so.

Tom wants you to split up your squad to disarm the bombs but, if your perception is 4, you’ll notice that the bombs aren’t real. So just shoot him down

You can get the Scourer weapons and Shock Mace from them as loot.

Gary “NaCl” Wolfe

Be on the lookout for Gary “NaCl” Wolfe from wasteland 2. He informs you about a few synths that should be killed. They’re all in various areas and you can choose to take them down for him.

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