Wasteland 3 Promises Made Promises Kept Walkthrough

Promises Made, Promises Kept is the final main mission in the Wasteland 3 storyline. There are a couple of tough...

Promises Made, Promises Kept is the final main mission in the Wasteland 3 storyline. There are a couple of tough decisions to make and a doubtful pick of sides that makes this mission a bit more complicated than usual.

This Promises Made, Promises Kept Walkthrough Guide will smoothly take you through the whole mission to let you easily complete it and end the game.

Wasteland 3 Promises Made, Promises Kept

The mission starts soon after you leave Yuma County after dealing with Liberty Buchanan. Here, you are contacted by Angela Deth, who is at Downtown Colorado Springs.

In the conversation, you’ll get to choose to either help Angela Deth take down the Patriarchy or side with the Patriarchy and pick a fight with her.

Either way, the game will come to an end and you’ll have a decent fight to end with.

There are a handful of main objectives. These are as listed below in detail.

Return to Ranger HQ

After talking to Angela Deth, you must return to Colorado Springs and enter the HQ.

Upon returning, you’ll find out that there’s a dispute razing in the HQ and to settle it, you must neutralize the protesters.

Depending on which side you took in the conversation with Angela, you’ll have to fight against your own Rangers that are against your decision.

These will include named Rangers that you’ve recruited and others at the HQ as well. A fight is imminent to reinstate your authority.

Retake control of Ranger HQ

You must fight your way through to the three computer consoles placed at the Armory, Brig and Garage to disable the system alert on each of them.

At each point, you may or may not have to engage the stationed ranger depending on whether they vouch for your decision or not.

Once the three consoles have been disabled, make your way to the War Room and interact with War Room computer to identify yourself as command and disable the system alert.

Find the tunnel access point in Downtown

The vehicle elevator leading to Downtown is locked and you must make your way to Downtown Colorado Springs and find the terminal in the Patriarch’s Museum to unlock it.

Once you enter Downtown, you’ll encounter Wastelander Refugees protesting against the Patriarch. This will start a conversation with Mama Cotter.

Depending upon your popularity with the refugees, you’ll get to use peaceful options to defuse the protest. If you aren’t popular enough, you’ll have to fight your way through.

Past the protesters, Sheriff Daisy will warm you about Angela Deth ahead.

After looting a building, you’ll have a cutscene between the Patriarch and Deth.

Head into the museum and follow the power cables inside to floor panel to get to the southwest corner of the museum. Here, you’ll find a red button on a wall that’ll unlock a door.

Behind the door is a console that turns off the museum alarm and open the blast door that leads out. You must use skills to interact with console.

Final Fight

Once you leave out the door, the battle is imminent. Depending on your decision, you’ll fight Deth out here, or join her to overthrow the Patriarch.

A conversation before the battle will let you decide how much blood will be shed.

For the battle against Deth, with Hard Ass (10), you’ll be able to convince the Patriarch to arrest Deth and let the others go free. Any other option will lead to the battle that’ll end up with Deth and her henchmen dead.

With this, the storyline will come to an end.

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