Wasteland 3 My Body Requires This Walkthrough

My Body Requires this is one of the craziest side missions in Wasteland 3 as you aren't killing anyone but searching for Ramen Noodles

In Wasteland 3, besides the main storyline missions, there are many secondary missions you can choose to complete. Wasteland 3 My Body Requires This is one of those missions and completing it lets you recruit a new companion, Chef Masato.

My Body Requires This mission can be tricky but don’t worry, our guide will walk you through it step by step.

Wasteland 3 My Body Requires This

Your objective for “My Body requires This” is to find Ramen Noodles and get them to Masato.

Masato himself is a food merchant in Bizarre, hence all this obsession with these Ramen Noodles. Besides starting this secondary mission, you can also get food from his stall.

You can try recruiting Masato before completing this secondary mission but he will refuse your offer until you’ve completed this small task for him.

So, in order to find these Ramen Noodles, you will have to go to the Crazy Warrens area. After you get to the Warrens, you have to locate the Diner in the area.

The Diner is basically at the end corner of the Warrens, quite deep inside, so be ready for some fights along the way.

When you clear your way and reach the diner, it will also be jampacked with enemies. You will have to clear the insides from enemies as well.

When you are done with enemies, you will see a vending machine there. This machine will speak and even tell you to not shake it.

You can get the Ramen Noodles from this Vending machine but, there are various ways to do so.

You can either use Silver Coins to get the noodles, shake the Vending machine or you can use Nerd Stuff to hack into the machine’s systems and get the noodles.

Now the silver coin method is the simplest and easiest method and is also the only one guaranteed for success. These Silver Coins can be found inside various parking meters all over the Warrens

Once you have the noodles, get them to Masato in the Bizarre and your little secondary mission will be done.

You will get x2 Stir-Fried Pork and Masato as the Ranger HQ Mess Hall Recruit for your rewards for the mission.

This is all you need to know and do in the secondary mission of W3 called “My Body Requires This”.