Wasteland 3 Home Away From Home Walkthrough

Our guide to Home Away from Home mission in Wasteland 3 will help you get started with the game and ready up your base of operations

The third primary mission you’ll have to complete in Wasteland 3 is named ‘Home Away From Home’, where you’ll be tasked to fix up the main systems in the Ranger HQ as part of the renovations.

Wasteland 3 Home Away From Home

To help you out with completing the Home Away From Home mission in Wasteland 3, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through this entire mission.

Home Away from Home mission has only two simple objectives:

  • Speak with Marshal Kwon and Sergei Greatski in the base.
  • Go inside the war room and start up the main systems of the base.

As evident by the objectives, Home Away from Home is a pretty simple mission and just takes place in your base. There is no combat involved or traveling to various locations around the map.

After you finish your conversation with the Patriarch, make your way to the war room by heading north.

When you arrive at the war room, you’ll see Marshal Kwon and Sergei Greatski standing there.

After you talk to them, you’ll find out that there are some pesky robots and an annoying alarm in this room that need to be taken care of before this can become the new Ranger HQ.

You’ll have to speak with the Servitor Bot before you can start fixing the main systems.

If you have Kiss Ass 1 and Sneaky Shit 1 skills, you’ll get the following two extra dialogue options respectively:

  • “We’re the Arizona Rangers, a successor unit of the US Army Corps of Engineers. We are government representatives.”
  • “Your security system is showing signs of neglect. We’re from IT. We’re here to fix you.”

Once you’re done talking to the bot, interact with the computer in the middle of this room.

Select the dialogue option which will let you upload yourself as command. This will fix the base’s main systems.

Right after you fix the systems, the Patriarch will show up in the room. If you have Barter 1, you’ll get to ask him for supplies.

After your conversation with the Patriarch ends, the Home Away From Home mission will be completed.