Wasteland 3 Full House Walkthrough

Full House is a recruitment mission in Wasteland 3 and a part of the main story and here we have a walkthrough to help you with it

Full House is a recruitment mission in Wasteland 3 and a part of the main story. Read our Wasteland 3 Full House Walkthrough guide to know some tips and tricks for completing this mission.

Wasteland 3 Full House

The objective of the Full House mission is to recruit some personnel for Ranger HQ. The personnel required are:

  • A Brig Jailor
  • A Medbay Doctor
  • Garage Mechanics
  • An Armory Quartermaster

To recruit these roles, you’ll need to complete some side missions before you can progress any further in the main mission.

There are many ways to recruit roles in this game. Below are some of the missions that you can complete in order to recruit personnel for your headquarters.

Brig Jailor
Hope Emersion is a Brig Jailor that you can recruit after completing the quest chain for the Sheriff in Colorado.

Completing the main story quest for the Sheriff will make Hope Emerson join you.

Armory Quartermaster
There is a side quest in Little Vegas in Colorado Springs that you need to complete in order to recruit Inspector Delgado as your Armory Quartermaster.

The name of the side quest is Big Trouble.

After completing the quest, you will get the option to ask Faran Brygo to send Inspector Delgado and his crew to your HQ.

Medbay Doctor
Doc Parker is a doctor in Downtown Colorado Spring. He can be found in the North-West part of the town.

Go there and he will ask you to get him a Suture Kit, a Medic Pack, and an Injury Kit.

You can buy this stuff from the market near you. Equip these items and go back to the doctor.

The doctor will then ask you to help his patients.

You need to use the Medic pack on the woman, the Suture kit on the man bleeding in the corner, and the Injury kit on the last guy remaining.

The doctor will be than pleased with your help and agree to join your HQ.

Garage Mechanic 
Finish the Unwelcome Guests main quest and speak with Mama Cotter. Mama Cotter will be smuggling refugees into the town.

You will get the option to either arrest her or to leave her be. Arresting her will cause a fight to start.

Letting her go will give you the option to recruit Cotter Boys as your Garage Mechanics.

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