Wasteland 3 Frontier Justice Walkthrough

In this Wasteland 3 Frontier Justice guide we will give a detailed look of this secondary mission and the juicy loot you can get from it.

In this Wasteland 3 Frontier Justice walkthrough, we’ll be showing you how you can complete this secondary mission along with connecting quests Nelius Dorsey, and the Snowed-Inn Resort in Wasteland 3 with the information for every item you can find along the way.

Wasteland 3 Frontier Justice

In Colorado Springs, you will meet Lucia Wesson who seeks vengeance against the Dorsey clan.

You can find the side-quest when the prompt to find Nelius Dorsey shows up.

Nelius Dorsey in specific can be found in the Snowed-Inn Resort at the western edge of Wasteland 3’s map. Make sure Lucia is tagging along with you.

On the Path to Justice
Enter the area through the dirt paths that can be found to either the left or the right side of the area.

If you have Nerd Stuff (9), then you can easily bypass the dirt paths, and go through either of the two massive gates.

The cabin on the left of immediately entering the area has a few bandits along with a Bleeding Edge Skill book that gives you +1 in Melee Combat.

Make sure you have Lockpicking (1) to enter the cabin.

Head to the right side now; the area with the razorbacks, and with the Zen Zoey creepy doll.

The cabin has a toaster that can be used to obtain an Owl of Minerva with Repair Toaster (7). Interact with the valve right beside it.

After both the gates have been opened, use the side passage to avoid any unnecessary conflict in the courtyard.

Try using the Kodiak along the way to gain some additional fire support.

Things Become Clear
Go to the final building and you will find Nelius Dorsey inside. Dorsey will tell you regarding the history when the Patriarch first came into power.

Apparently, the Dorseys wanted free elections in Colorado, but Lucia’s father Percival was a bit too devoted to the Patriarch.

Later on, Mr. Wesson destroyed the Dorseys and only a few of them ever survived the eradication. Dorseys have since then sworn vengeance, to take out the entirety of Lucia’s family.

After a brief conversation, you will have a few options. Feel free to let Lucia claim her vengeance if you will.

Go ahead and loot everything there is in the cabin which includes a Plasma Hammer, a Cyber Fist, a Dorsey Family Sword, and a Stinger Rocket Launcher.

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