Wasteland 3 Cyborg Chicken Locations Guide

There are a lot of collectibles scattered around the world of Wasteland 3, which include five Cyborg Chickens that you...

There are a lot of collectibles scattered around the world of Wasteland 3, which include five Cyborg Chickens that you need to locate to receive a special animal companion.

To help you out with finding all five Cyborg Chickens in Wasteland 3, we’ve prepared this guide with the exact location of each one of them.

Wasteland 3 Cyborg Chicken Locations

Before you go out and start looking for these Cyborg Chickens, you should note that it’s very important to have the ‘Animal Whisperer’ general skill to be able to charm these chickens.

You’ll want to get up to five points in Animal Whisper to get all the Cyborg Chickens in the game.

Another thing to note is that after finding a chicken, you should try and get it back to the Ranger HQ as fast as you possibly can, because these chickens can die in combat very easily.

If a chicken dies, you won’t be able to get the animal companion.

Cyborg Chicken #1
You don’t have to look very far to find the first Cyborg Chicken as its already inside the chicken coup in Ranger’s HQ, which can be found on the right side of HQ’s exterior.

Cyborg Chicken #2
The second Cyborg Chicken can be found in the Garden of the Gods. When you spot the stack of dead bodies inside there, head north from there to find the chicken.

If you have the Animal Whisperer skill, you can charm the chicken and make it follow you back to the Ranger’s HQ.

Cyborg Chicken #3
For the third Cyborg Chicken, head to the Sans Luxe Apartment Complex. The chicken is on the other side of the locked door.

The door can only be unlocked by fixing the building’s generator.

To be able to fix the generator, you need to have the Mechanics skill at level 5. Fixing the generator will open up the door and allow you to get to the chicken.

Cyborg Chicken #4
The fourth Cyborg Chicken is present in the Broadmoor Heights church.

As you enter the church, you’ll spot a room to the side of the entrance. Press the button on the far left of the entrance to open the door. The chicken will be waiting for you inside.

Cyborg Chicken #5
The final Cyborg Chicken can be found inside the Patriarch’s Bunker, which is right under Broadmoor Heights.

Head up to the second floor and enter the second room up there. To get to this room, you’ll need a character with the Sneak skill at level 6.

After you find all five Cyborg Chickens and lead them into the Ranger’s HQ, continue playing through the main quest past Victory and you’ll receive the special animal companion.