Wasteland 3 Animal Companions Guide

In this guide, we will list down all the Wasteland 3 Animal Companions for you. In Wasteland 3, there are a number of different animals that you can get as a companion. These companions have different perks from which they provide different boosts to you.

Wasteland 3 Animal Companions

The generic animals have no special requirements to be made companions except Whisper.

Just head to the location they can be found and approach them to make them your companion.

If you don’t have the required whisper level, then the animal won’t become your companion.


Whisper Requirement: 3

Locations: Ranger HQ, Downtown Colorado Springs, Arapaho Caravan, Broadmoor Heights, Ghost Town, Union Station, Machine Commune, Yuma County Speedway


  • Pupper Upper: Increases combat speed by 0.1
  • Humie Zoomies: Increases combat speed by 0.2


Rabid Bite: Inflicts poison to enemies.


Whisper Requirement: 2

Locations: Ranger HQ, Downtown Colorado Springs, Arapaho Caravan, Garden of the Gods, Broadmoor Heights


Hittin Kitten: Critical chance increases by 6%

Cat’s Paw Claw: Critical Chance increase by 12%.

Abilities: None.


Whisper Requirement: 1

Locations: Garden of the Gods, Denver Ruins, Snowed Inn Resort, Toaster Repair Academy


Chicken Quicken: Increase XP bonus by 3%

Rooster Booster: Increase XP bonus by 6%

Abilities: None.


Whisper Requirement: 1

Locations: Ranger HQ, Garden of the Gods, Broadmoor Heights, Bizarre Exterior, Gett Family Homestead, Union Station, Snowed Inn Resort, Aspen, Little Hell, Yuma County Speedway, Scar Collector Mine, Godfisher Windfarm


Bun Bun Run Run: Initiative increases by 10%.

Hare Flair: Initiative increases by 20%.

Abilities: None.


Whisper Requirement: 1

Locations: Ranger HQ, Garden of the Gods, Clown Museum, Bizarre Exterior, Tellurium Mine, Union Station, Machine Commune, Paint Mines, Aspen, Little Hell, Yuma County Speedway, Godfisher Windfarm


Foxy Moxy: Leadership range increases by 3m.

Vulpine Shine: Leadership range increases by 3m.

Abilities: None

Waste Wolf

Whisper Requirement: 5

Locations: Hoon Homestead, Bizarre Exterior


Night Bite: Sneak Attack damage increase by 5%.

Pack Attack: Sneak Attack damage increase by 10%.


Leg Bite: Inflicts slowed to enemies.

Howl: Terrifies enemies.


Whisper Requirement: 4

Locations: Ranger HQ, Clown Museum, Warrens


Plump Rump: Con increase by 15.

Big Pig: Con increase by 30.

Abilities: None.


Whisper Requirement: 4

Locations: Gett Family Homestead, Union Station, Denver Ruins


Killy Billy: Critical chance increases by 0.1x

Ram Jam: Critical chance increases by 0.2x


Can stun enemies.


Whisper Requirement: 4

Locations: Machine Commune, Department of Energy Site, Santa’s Workshop, Aspen, Yuma County Speedway, Godfisher Windfarm


Gone Fawn: Increases detection time by 0.5 seconds.

Down-Low Doe: Increases detection time by 1 second.

Abilities: None.


Whisper Requirement: 6

Locations: Ranger HQ, Machine Commune, Aspen, Yuma County Speedway, Scar Collector Mine, Godfisher Windfarm


Amok Buck: Melee damage bonus increases by 10%.

Rack Attack: Melee damage bonus increases by 20%.

Abilities: None.


Whisper Requirement: 5

Locations: Denver Ruins, Department of Energy Site


Spiny Heinie: +2 Penetration.

Spike Strike: +4 Penetration.


Inflicts poison with a ranged attack.

When attacked with melee, will do attacker damage.

Growler Cub

Whisper Requirement: 7

Locations: Snowed Inn Resort, Aspen


Bear Hair: +2 Armor

No Welt Pelt: +4 Armor


Roar: Terrifies nearby enemies.

Maul: Inflicts damage to armored enemies.

Has 20 armor naturally.

Wasteland 3 Unique Animal Companions

The Unique Animals are found in single locations only and need some specific requirements to be fulfilled in order to be made companion.

We have listed all the unique companions below and how to get them as well.

Major Tomcat

Whisper Requirement: 1

Location: Ambush Site

How to get: Major Tomcat is located at the end of Ambush Site. In order to make him your companion, you need to have at least 1 party member with whisper level 1. You can also obtain cigarettes to calm him down by saving Jodie Bell, if you do not have whisper level 1.


Hittin’ Kitten: Increase critical chance by 6%.

Cat’s Paw Claw: Increase critical chance by 12%.

Abilities: None.

Billy and Jean

Whisper Requirement: 1

Locations: Hoon Homestead

How to get: The only way to get Billy and Jean as a companion is to help Hoon Homestead instead of the Arapaho caravan. Otherwise they will die if you help Arapaho caravan.


Killy Billy: Critical chance increases by 0.1x

Ram Jam: Critical chance increases by 0.2x


Stomp: Stuns enemies.


Whisper Requirement: 4

Locations: Bizarre Exterior

How to get: To get Polly, you need to find Six Fingered Larry and buy it from him for $200. The price drops to $150 if you have 5 barter level. Polly can also be obtained for free if you have Animal Whisperer level 7.

If you dismiss Polly, you will have to buy him again as Polly will forget he was with you ever.


Slick Chick: Evasion increases by 5%.

Bobbin’ Robin’: Evasion increases by 10%.

Abilities: None.

Honey Badger

Whisper Requirement: 10

Locations: Massacre Site

How to get: To get Honey Badger, you need to have good radiation protection gear as this area is full of radiation. You also need a very high whisper level in order to companion him.


Tough Enough: Increases downed time by 1.

Diesel Weasel: Increases downed time by 2.


Red Fang: Attacks enemies, causing them to bleed.


Whisper Requirement: 9

Locations: Knox Bison Site

How to get: In order to make Bison your companion, you need to complete the ‘Hard Knox Life’ quest.


No Slicin’ Bison: Crit Resistance increases by 5%.

Tuffalo Buffalo: Crit Resistance increases by 10%.


Stomp: Stuns everything in the nearby radius.

30 Natural armor.

Cyborg Chickens

Whisper Requirement: 5 (max)

Locations: Ranger HQ Garden of the Gods, Sans Luxe Apartments, Broadmoor Heights, Old Survivalist Bunker.

How to get: Head to the above 5 locations to find and charm them. You need to collect all five of them to complete a miniquest.

Perks: None.

Abilities: None.


Whisper Requirement: –

Locations: Ranger HQ

How to get: Once you return all the Cyborg Chickens to the Ranger HQ coop, they will transform into Poultron. It will forcefully become your companion until it dies during battle.

Perks: None.

Abilities: None.


In Wastelands 3, other companions are not animals but they have the same purpose of following you around.

They don’t have any special perks or abilities and require no whisper level to obtain. You can also get all of them to follow you at the same time.


The clone is obtained by completing the ‘Don’t You Be My Neighbour’ quest. During this quest, you will meet Irv who has the clone machine. Eventually he will move into the Ranger HQ.

He will create a clone for you.

Whenever your clone dies, pick up the Pink Goo he drops and give it back to Irv to bring back your clone.

The Provost

Provost is a returning character from Wastelands 2. You will meet him during ‘A Nightmare In The Bizarre’ quest. He will become your companion as soon as you meet him.

Party Pal

Party Pal will join you when you as a companion when you complete the quest ‘The Zealot’ quest branch ‘Reagan Reborn’.


Courageous is a toaster that you unlock when you find the golden toaster pieces that are hidden inside Toasters all across Colorado. Below we have listed the location of all the toaster parts.

Molded Gold Toaster Case:

  • Location: Inside the main building at Hoon Homestead
  • Toaster Repair Requirement: 1

Gold Insulated Power Cord:

  • Location: It is inside the Wesson family home at Broadmoor Heights.
  • Toaster Repair Requirement: 4

Gold Infused Mica Sheeting:

  • Location: It is near an RV in Paint Mines.
  • Toaster Repair Requirement: 7

Gold Plated Nichrome Wire:

  • Location: At the bridge control terminal in Aspen.
  • Toaster Repair Requirement: 7

Bi-Metallic Gold Alloy Filament:

  • Location: It is present in Knox Bison Ranch.
  • Toaster Repair Requirement: 8

Советский Робот (Soviet Robot)

You will come across the robot late into the game near Scar Collector Mines. The robot will be in the Computer Room.

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