Warzone 2 DMZ Dead Drop Locations Guide

Dead Drops are essential in Warzone 2 DMZ for maximizing your XP gain and getting your insured weapons back quickly....

Dead Drops are essential in Warzone 2 DMZ for maximizing your XP gain and getting your insured weapons back quickly. These white dumpsters, scattered throughout Al Mazrah, let you deposit cash for XP conversion and lower your insured weapon slot cooldown. This guide reveals the exact coordinates of all Dead Drops, making it easy to find them and leverage their benefits.

Furthermore, Dead Drops play a key role in certain Faction Missions, often requiring you to deposit specific items. Mastering these locations is crucial for completing missions and advancing in DMZ.

Where to find Dead Drop Dumpsters in DMZ?

There are currently six Dumpster locations known on the map. While your Dead Drop mission will mark the Dumpster with a briefcase icon for you, enemy encounters can make you go off-track.

Hence, you need to know precisely where these white colored Dumpsters are so that you can make your way around if needed.

Here is the list of all six locations where players can find Dumpster.

Rohan Oil dead drop location

You will find the Dumpster near the Gas Station, right next to the train tracks at C3 coordinates, between the Quarry and Rohan Oil.

Al Mazrah City dead drop location

You can find another Dumpster in Al Mazrah City. Head to the marked location on the map and make your way into the alley between the two large buildings to find the Dumpster in F3 sector.

Mawizeh Marshlands dead drop location

The next Dumpster is easy to find. Head over to Mawizeh Marshlands and then to the Gas Station in its top-left, the one which sits at the mouth of a bridge. The Dead Drop container is behind the Gas Station exactly at F4 coordinates.

Al Sharim Pass dead drop location

Head to Al-Sharim Junkyard which lies south of Al-Sharim Pass and east of Ahkdar Village at G6 behind a yellow building. The marked location on the map will have a totaled vehicle right beside a Dead Drop Dumpster.

Al Shamman Cemetery dead drop location

Head northeast of Al Shamman Cemetery to the first Gas Station in your path. You will find the Dumpster behind a building just below the station at the E7 sector.

Sa’id City dead drop location

The last Dumpster for your Dead Drop mission can be found in Sa’id City. Make your way to the Shopping Centre in D6 sector and then to its parking lot that faces the bridge.

Where to find Lethals in DMZ?

You can drop any Lethal equipment in the Dumpster such as Throwing Knives, Semtex, C4, Frag Grenades, etc. You can either loot them from AQ Soldiers or chests found randomly across the map.

The quicker (and easier) way is to purchase a Munitions Box from a Buy Station. Deploy the Munitions Box on the ground and make sure to stow away any of your Lethal. Then refill your Lethal from the Munitions Box to quickly get 20x Lethal equipment.

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