Warner Bros. Talks of Supporting Nintendo NX and About Playing a Role In It

The president of Warner Bros. says that they are definitely going to support Nintendo NX and also play their role in it as well as other upcoming consoles.

The closest we have been to an official word on Nintendo’s plans about Nintendo NX was when the company’s general manager for Canada said the reveal won’t come before the year end. Although a variety of companies have been talking about the secretive console and what they plan to do for it, or with it.

Among those is Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., who have promised their full support to the platform. The president of Warner Bros. David Haddad was has, in a recent interview revealed plans of staying indulged with Nintendo.

He was asked what was the company’s opinion about the upcoming consoles i.e. the Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation Neo and the Nintendo NX, to which he said that it was not even a question of whether they will support them or not, because they most definitely will.

More than that, Haddad says they are going to play a role in it just like they will with the other new consoles:

We have great relationships with all the console platforms. We believe we play a role in each of them. What I saw with the announcements that were made at the show — I’m fairly bullish about he console cycle, about gamers spending time on them and finding great content, about publishers being able to find returns on increasing investments in that space. We’re constantly deciding how to navigate that, but supporting them is not a question for us.

Some interesting developments have taken place in recent days with regards to the Nintendo NX, for instance, Reggie Fils-Aime surprisingly said that specs of the console are not important as they weren’t looking for another episode of console wars.

This was surprising because the console is apparently comparable with the powerful PlayStation Neo, and boasting of the specs would have been a plus point – unless we are wrong about how powerful the Nintendo NX really is!

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