Warframe Account Migrations From PC to Xbox One Now Open

Digital Extremes is opening up account migrations for Warframe where PC players can now choose to transfer their accounts to the Xbox One. The offer though has a limited time frame and will run from now until Monday, November 17 at 2 PM EST.

During time players can create a copy of their existing Warframe PC account for use on the Xbox One version of the game.

Note that the migration will not replace your original account and you’ll still keep your PC profile. Moving on to the Xbox One will simply create a separate account and hence you’ll be left with two.

The developer has stated that the migration process is permanent and cannot be reversed. If you have already been playing on the Xbox One, your progress will be overwritten by your PC account.

This also includes any items purchased in-game with Platinum on Xbox One. However, all this Platinum will not be wasted and be added to your new migrated account. Note also that Platinum purchased on the PC version will not be transferred to the Xbox One.

PC exclusive items will not migrate over. Friends lists will not be overwritten and PC Friends List will not carry forward. No Clan information from the PC will be copied, while all existing Xbox One Clan information will remain untouched.

Digital Extremes has currently not given any information on a PC to PS4 migration. For now the offer stands only for the Xbox One.

For more information head over to the game’s website.

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