The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 3 Will Be Releasing January 13

The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 3 finally has a release date from Skybound Games, and it will be coming on January 13 of next year.

The official Kinda Funny Twitter page has made the announcement that we can expect The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 3 to release on January 13, finally confirming that the series has been saved from the jaws of death by Skybound Games after the closure of its creator, Telltale, several months ago.

The closure of Telltale Games was a very rapid and confusing thing, with many not sure of whether or not other projects still in-progress would be completed or completely cancelled, which included things like Season 2 of The Wolf Among Us, other projects, and a collaboration with Netflix for Minecraft Story Mode.

The Walking Dead The Final Season was nearly among these games, with the season only getting two of its planned five episodes in before Telltale Games made the sudden announcement of their closure and put the future of the series in doubt. Considering the second episode ended on a cliffhanger, there was no telling how things would have otherwise come out.

However, Skybound and Kinda Funny’s announcement about The Walking Dead Final Season episode 3 have at least given fans of that series hope that we’ll see how Clementine’s story ends. She’s been the primary character in the series ever since Season 2, but there’s no telling how that story will end just yet.

The series focuses around Clementine now taking on the role of Lee, falling in with protecting Alvin Jr from Season Two as they once again attempt to travel to a place where they’ll be safe from the Walkers, while at the same time coming across a variety of threats ahead of them. Where exactly they’ll be going over the next three episodes remains a mystery, but hopefully Skybound will be able to give us a satisfactory ending.

Either way, you can expect The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 3 to release on January 19 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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