VRR Update Might Finally Be Coming To PS5

PlayStation 5 might finally be on the verge of receiving support for variable refresh rate (VRR) more than a year after its worldwide launch.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, hardware reviewer and content creator Vincent Teoh confirmed that Sony has begun rolling out a VRR firmware update for its 2021 Bravia XR-powered television sets.

Sony promised to add the feature more than a year back. There is hence hope that the 2021 television sets with the Bravia XR processors will not be alone, and that Sony will also roll out a VRR update for PlayStation 5 as well.

VRR can be enabled to smooth frame-rate stuttering and remove screen tearing on a display. PlayStation 5 was launched without support for the feature. Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S however do support VRR as will any PC with a reasonably new gaming graphics card.

Sony has made no announcement yet but users are obviously keeping their fingers crossed to see PlayStation 5 finally support VRR. There would otherwise be no reason to release the feature for just one device and not the other.

Should PlayStation 5 receive support for VRR tomorrow morning, players are likely to start making use of it in the recently released Elden Ring. The game suffers from a few performance issues on all platforms but Xbox Series players can enable VRR on their consoles for a few performance gains and smoother frame rates.

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