EA Could Bring Voice-Controlled Companion Apps for Future Games

Companion apps for video games aren’t a new concept. We have seen those apps in a variety of forms for different games. However, a new patent filed by Electronic Arts shows evidence of voice-controlled companion app for mobile devices. Using the application, gamers will be able to control actions in select titles as well as provide machine-based answers to player demands. Will this work in reality though?

The EA Voice-Controlled Companion App Patent

The description for the voice-controlled companion App patent filed by EA to the US Patent and Trademark Office offers a detailed view of what the application supposedly does. It reads:

Using voice recognition, a user can interact with a companion application to control a video game from a mobile device. Advantageously, the user can interact with the companion application when the video game is unavailable because, for example, of the user’s location. Moreover, machine learning may be used to facilitate generating voice responses to user utterances that are predicted to improve or maintain a user’s level of engagement with the companion application, or its corresponding video game.

The patent confirms that the potential voice-controlled companion app will be able to communicate with the user through speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Chrome to provide gamers with assistance when they can’t log into their favorite game. Another feature that comes as a surprise is a mini-game functionality. Apparently, the application will be able to prompt users to play a mini-game in order to obtain exclusive items, gear, and more in full-fledged titles. Last but not least, the companion “might” generate responses for the user using machine learning.

Will it work?

There’s no clear view on what games the EA voice controlled companion will support. However, the patent includes some default interactions with the player that include keywords referring to franchises like Need for Speed, Battlefield, Apex Legends, and FIFA 2020. Imagine being in an online match and want to see your score. Simply asking the application to say it will save you time and a potential disaster. The concept does sound plausible although we can never know how the player base will perceive it. It all falls down to how EA will market the companion and what its functions will turn out to be.

For the time being, there’s no confirmation from Electronic Arts that there will be such a companion releasing some time in the future. However, publishers gear up for their June events during or prior to E3 2019 so we might get a glimpse of it there.

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