Virtual Reality Strip Clubs Game Lets You Experience World’s Finest Nightclubs

The uses of Virtual Reality expand beyond video gaming, but what good are those compared to Virtual Reality strip clubs.

VixenVR along with VRClubz is developing a video game based on VR strip clubs; which will let you experience some of the world’s finest nightclubs from the comfort of your couch:

Experience the VR game we’ve all been dreaming for! Go to the hottest real and virtual Strip clubs anytime you want! VixenVR partnered with VRClubz to deliver the first ever Virtual Reality strip club IP partnering with some of the world’s most famous night clubs to create their virtual doppelgangers.

The game is now available for pre-order which will net everyone who pre-orders the game VIP access to all of the available clubs. You can head over to the game’s official site for more information!

We have also attached the first trailer above if you wish to see how it will work before jumping in.

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