5 Times Video Games Developers Lied to You

Using white lies to sell products is more of a norm and perhaps even a trend, that is why we have listed below 5 times Video Games Developers lied to us all

To be honest this shouldn’t be the case but apparently, history of the gaming industry is filled with such stunts pulled by the Video Games Developers. Using white lies to sell products is more of a norm and perhaps even a trend.

What is even worse is the fact that most of them have no remorse over it. Well, it is acknowledgeable that fans do tend to put words in the mouth of developers but those are just the speculative ones. When a developer lies to the fans that is where they cross the lines.

We have listed below five of the times Video Games developers lied to us.

1. Arkham Knight’s Villains:

We all know that Arkham Knight was one of the most anticipated game back when it was about to roll out. Apparently, it seems to be that huge anticipation and expectations come at a cost and so did this one.

Arkham Knight was going to be the first time, the devs were going to develop a story which would have aimed at not relying upon The Joker. And so the studio heads insisted on not including Batman’s arch nemesis in Arkham Knight, in fact, they added that a new villain would be added.

As expected these promises met a fatal end and as soon as fans booted the game up, they found these enemies to be a part of Batmans’s figment of imagination to such a level that they took over the narrative completely.

2. Mass Effect 3’s Ending:

Mass Effect 3 is something that can not be given a free pass. Not after they lies they made became controversial.

For those who remember, the devs promised the fans that such a type of finale would be added to honor fans of their prior decisions made in the game that it would, by all means, wrap up the complete story in a personal way. The director Casey Hudson even added that the ending would give each fan something different in a way.

Well, what fans got was three choices, A, B, and C. Like literally, it did not even cross their minds that this would not translate into each fan among the millions getting different. To be honest it divided millions of fans into three kinds.

It is acknowledgeable that giving millions of fans something different was impossible, at least they should not have the audacity to claim it if they can’t. They owe this much to the least to their fans.

3. No Man’s Sky’s

No Man's Sky Redeemed, No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky carries one of the heaviest baggage of disappointment from the Video Games Developers and there would be no one who would disagree. The way Sony and Hello Games sparked the fans with excitement and promised a lot but gave nothing actually seems to have been the base of all these lies.

4. Visual Downgrade:

In development for over years, Aliens Colonial Marines was a game that promised quite a lot. Gearbox consistently talked about the level of excitement they had for the creating an in-cannon installment in the classic monster movie franchise.

They referred to it as the best Alien game ever, until it rolled out. Well as most of the lies before this too turned out to be a bag of lies. Those trailers which promised so much turned out to be pure fabrication, a marketing strategy.

The game was completely buggy and the story spat all over the movies.

5. Destiny

Destiny The Taken King Concept Arts - 5

Destiny’s development was a consistent one but a well-documented one as well and based on it, one thing was pretty clear that the devs had no idea what they were making up until¬†the last moment.

The way they depicted it to be, the multiplayer felt seamless, how the players could explore every place in their crosshairs, visit planets all landed on a pile of lies when every thing ended up falling through.

So it is pretty clear to what capacity the Video Games Developers can go in order to market their product.