Victoria 3 Console Commands & Cheats

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game that requires its players to conquer the world and establish a country with...

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game that requires its players to conquer the world and establish a country with a well monetary flow, strong military, and civil rest. While most of the players who are just starting out the game want to do that, they are often met with challenges and brutality of the game world that either pushes them back or wipes them out instantly.

In situations like these, having a little edge is important, and this is where console commands and cheats come in handy. In this guide, we’ll list all of the relevant console commands and cheats that will give you a kickstart in Victoria 3 and how you can enable them. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to enable debug mode for console commands in Victoria 3

For players to use cheats in Victoria 3, they must ensure they are enabling the Debug Mode. However, it must be done outside of the game, and here’s how;

  • Start by opening the ‘Game Launcher’
  • Once you’ve opened it, head over to the ‘Game Settings’
  • From ‘Game Setting,’ find the ‘Open Game in Debug Mode’ tab
  • Once located, hit ‘Launch’

In case you are playing on Steam, follow the below steps;

  • Open Steam Library and right-click on Victoria 3
  • Once the options pop up, click on Properties and then the General tab
  • Now go ahead and select the ‘Launch Options’ and enter  ‘-debug_mode’

Once the game has launched in Debug Mode, you will be allowed to access the command console, a core option that lets you switch countries anytime you want, without throwing any hassle your way.

How to get country ID tags

Launch the game using the debug method of your choice. While the game is running you can hover over the countries and in the dropdown menu that appears over each country, you will see a list of information.

Country ID tags can be found on the same list for each country in Victoria 3. You will use these tags while using console commands and cheats.

By pressing the CTRL key, press on any country, and you’ll be in control of it. Something important to keep in mind is that Debug Mode will deprive you of attaining achievements and will prevent you from accessing your ironman mode saved games. You lose some, you get some.

Admin console commands

Below is a list of all Victoria 3 Console Commands for admin level access to various things related to gameplay

CommandFunctionadd_approval (interest group) (amount)This command will add an approval rating for the selected interest groupadd_clout (interest group) (amount)This command will add or remove clout ratings for selected interest groupsadd_loyalists (culture) (amount)This command will add a loyalist population to your countryadd_radicals (culture) (amount)This command will add radical people to your countryadd_relations (country) (amount)This command will establish/change your relations with a certain countryadd_war_support (country) (amount)This command will establish war support with a specific countryannex (country tag)This command will annex a countryBrowser.OpenURL (url)This command will open an URL  
Camer.LoadThis command will load the camera positioning
Camera.SaveThis command will save the camera positioning
check_pollution_level (state region tag)This command will extract pollution data for a specified state region
conquerall (country tag)This command will set all enemy provinces under your control
crashThis command will make the application crash
change_law (law) (country)This command will change the law in a specific country
create_ai (self / all / tag)This command will create AI for a country or countries
create_country (country definition) (country type) (culture) (state id)This command will create a country
create_political_movement (law type)This command will create a political movement
changestatepop (state’s id)(population type)This command will determine the population size of a country
disable_aiThis command will disable AI in the game
date (date in format command will change the date
Debug.TextureMode [Name of debug mode]This command will enable a texture mode for debugging
disable_pop_growthThis command will disable pop growth
enable_aiThis command will enable AI in the game
Escalate (amount)This command will add escalation to your diplomatic plays
event (event name) (country tag / province id)This command will let you have events
find_unemployedThis command finds and reports all unemployed pops
force_oosThis command makes the relevant client go out of sync in multiplayer
helpThis command will check out a list of commands
kill_character (character name)This command will kill the specified character
map_editorThis command will toggle the map editor
Map.SavePNG (map mode) (file name)This command will allow you to save a png of the map for a specific map mode
mapmode (map mode)This command will switch to the selected map mode
money (amount)This command will add selected money
Music.PauseFactorThis command will pause the music track (track name)This command will play chosen music
Music.ResetThis command will reset the music
Music.StopTrackThis command will stop the music
norevolutionThis command will enable revolution mode
nosecessionThis command will enable no secession mode
observeThis command will start observing the game
own (province id / state region tag) (country tag)This command will change the owner of a specified province or state region
popstatThis command will extract data from all active pops
portrait_editorThis command will open the portrait editor
province_borders (true / false)This command will toggle showing of province borders
researchThis command will acquire research
screenshotThis command will take a screenshot
set_devastation_level (state region tag) (amount)This command will set the devastation level in a specified state region
set_pollution_level (state region tag) (amount)This command will set the pollution level in a specified state region
show_goalsThis command will display AI goals
skip_migrationThis command will allow the skip migration mode
switchlanguage (language name)This command will switch languages
tag (country tag)This command will switch to another country
timeThis command will show the time
treatyport (state region tag)This command will open a treaty port in the state region
wagerate (building) (rate)This command will work around building wages
yesmenThis command will enable the AI to agree with proposals

Cheat codes

Below is a list of all Victoria 3 Cheat Codes that you can make use of to gain an edge against the AI

Cheat CodeFunctions
fastbuildThis cheat code enables the fast build mode
fastenactThis cheat code enables the fast enact mode
fasthireThis cheat code enables the fast hire mode
fastinstitutionsThis cheat code enables the fast institutions mode
fastinterestsThis cheat code enables the fast interests mode
fastmobilizeThis cheat code enables the fast mobilize mode
fastresearchThis cheat code enables the fast research mode
fastrevolutionThis cheat code enables the fast revolution mode
fastsecessionThis cheat code enables the fast secession mode
fasttravelsThis cheat code enables the fast travel mode

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