How to Pack a Punch in CoD Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang

CoD Vanguard, the latest Call of Duty iteration, is finally out. With the new Zombies version, there will be many new features and changes, but the Pack a Punch is as same as ever! In this guide, we’ll show you How to Pack a Punch in Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang.

How to Pack a Punch in Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang

One of the most important aspects of a Call of Duty Zombies encounter is using the Pack a Punch machine. The Pack a Punch machine amplifies the damage of your weapons.

In Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang, you do not need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch Machine as you did in previous editions. The Pack a Punch has been assembled and is ready for use, making it simple to enhance your arsenal.

If you have enough points, you can use the Pack a Punch machine to upgrade your weapons.

Concerning its location, the Pack a Punch machine can be found at Fountain Square, the main area where you spawn in Der Anfang.

When it comes to weapon upgrades, each weapon can be upgraded up to three tiers. These tiers are color-coded

  • Unpacked weapon (Base Level) – White.
  • Tier 1 weapon – Blue
  • Tier 2 weapon – Purple.
  • Tier 3 weapon – Orange

Tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 will cost you 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000 points, respectively. Depending on what wave of Vanguard Zombies you are facing, it is important to pack-a-punch your weapon accordingly.

Make sure not to waste your points upgrading weapons needlessly. For high-round matches, you will need high tier weapons so you should save up for those in order to get Tier 3 weapons.

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