COD Vanguard Zombies: Dark Aether Entities & Artifacts Guide

Unleash your Ultimate abilities.

Call of Duty carries on with the Dark Aether story from Cold War in Vanguard Zombies. With a heavy focus on Dark Magic and Occultism in Vanguard Zombies, the Specialist Weapons from Black Ops 4 have been replaced with Dark Aether Artifacts.

The artifacts are special items that you can equip to your Zombies loadout to grant you some special abilities. These Artifacts are associated with 4 Dark Aether Entities.

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Dark Aether Entities in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies and the abilities associated with their artifacts.


The Dark Aether Camo also makes a comeback in Vanguard as a green and black recolor of the Atomic Camouflage. To acquire this Mastery Camo, you need to unlock the Plague Diamond camouflage for eight weapon classes in the game.

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Dark Aether Entities and Artifacts

There are 4 Dark Aether entities or Elder Gods in CoD Vanguard Zombies mode namely Saraxis the Shadow, Inviktor the Destroyer, Bellekar the Warlock, and Norticus the Conquerer.

Associated with each of these Aether entities in CoD Zombies is an artifact that will give its user a very useful and powerful Ultimate Ability. This ability can be activated by pressing the X key.

After using it you have to recharge the artifact for using it again. These abilities should only be used when you can deal with a large group of Zombies.

Vanguard Zombies Artifacts Abilities

Just like the Specialist weapons, you have four artifacts available at the start to equip with Zombies loadout in Vanguard Zombies. You have one artifact ability for each Aether entity. These serve as your Ultimate Abilities and on each run, you can only select one artifact.

You can select the other artifact in the second run. However, you can use the artifact ability many times after recharging it. You can recharge your artifacts quickly by killing Zombies.

You can also recharge the ability by using the full powerup which is dropped by slain enemies. Here are all the Artifacts of the 4 Aether entities along with their abilities.

Dragon of Saraxis

Dragon of Saraxis comes with the Energy Mine ability. These mines, once activated, can cause explosive damage when enemies come within their proximity. This ability is quite useful in taking out a large group of Zombies.

Horn of Norticus

Its ability is Frost Blast, which summons a frost storm around the player who used it. The enemies that enter frost storm are slowed down and damaged by it. This will give you more space for moving.

Sword of Inviktor

The Sword of Inviktor comes with an ability called Ring of Fire. Just like the name suggests, this ability will create a ring of Aethereal Fire around the player using it. Players inside the ring will deal more damage. So, this ability is best used by coordinating with your team so you can use its damage boost more effectively.

The Mask of Bellekar

The Mask of Bellekar comes with the Aether Shroud ability. The Aether Shroud ability will help you stay hidden from the enemy’s detection for 5 seconds. Even though it hides you for only a short while, it can give you enough time to get out of trouble.

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