Vampyr Not Even Once Achievement/Trophy Guide

Do not kill or feed on NPCs in Vampyr and you will have this achievement/trophy.

Not Even Once Trophy/Achievement in Vampyr can be tricky as it requires you not to kill a single NPC in the game. Since feeding on NPCs can grant you a lot of XP, not doing it and completing the game is the challenge for this Trophy/Achievement. You can, however, kill regular enemies in Vampyr that are hostile towards you, but when it comes to NPCs, you are not allowed to kill them (or Embrace Them).

Yes, it’s a No-Kill guide; it’s just limited to not killing the NPCs (citizens) as opposed to “not killing a single enemy,” which some players could think based on the description of this trophy/achievement. Moreover, you cannot unlock it in Story Mode, so you will need to have the difficulty set to Normal or Hard for it.

In this guide, we will discuss how you can unlock Not Even Once Trophy/Achievement without killing any NPC in the game.

Choices for Not Even Once Achievement

During your whole playthrough, you will have to make different choices. And as I mentioned before, none of those choices can lead to an NPC being killed by your hand. Now, if you are not sure what or how you are supposed to make these choices, here is a list you follow to get Not Even Close Achievement/Trophy:


Spoiler Warning: There are heavy spoilers ahead so if you are on your first playthrough and don’t want any spoilers, you should avoid further reading.

  • Choose to release Clay Cox in Chapter 1.
  • In Chapter 2, you need to spare Dorothy Crane (The Nurse).
  • You need to turn Sean Hompton in Chapter 3.
  • In Chapter 5, you need to charm Aloysius Dawson.
  • Again, in Chapter 5, spare Geoffrey McCullum.
  • You need to turn Dr. Swansea. This is also in Chapter 5.

Another thing to note here is that to unlock this achievement/trophy, the only thing that matters is that you don’t embrace them, and if they die or are turned into a Skaal through any other source, it won’t lock you out of “Not Even Once.”

Tips to Survive Without Killing NPCs in Vampyr

Again, since you have cut off your main source of gaining blood, you need to look forward to alternative ways. You can check out our Vampyr leveling guide for more information.

To summarize, you need to go about your way of completing story missions and side quests to earn decent enough XP. Moreover, taking out both standard and boss enemies will also earn you experience points.

Survival is the name of the game here; you need to replenish your health as soon as you lose it. For this purpose, always keep your healing skills equipped. Also, never start a boss fight without taking some blood and healing potions with you.

If you want some more defensive measures, use the Blood Shield, which is instant but requires a long cooldown time. Blood Shields will absorb hits and push back the enemy a little.

The more you upgrade your shield, the more and different types of hits it can render useless.

As we mentioned previously, the achievement criteria do not restrict you from when feeding off of enemies in combat. Therefore, use weapons like mace or stake to stagger the enemy and then proceed to drink their blood.

This will refill both your Blood Meter and stamina bar so you can use powerful Vampiric Skills in battle.

For ranged combat, shotguns, and other pistols you can find in our Weapons Guide. The shotgun, especially, has a large spread so can deal with multiple enemies quickly.

You can upgrade the weapon to increase its clip capacity, and you can buy extra ammunition from merchants.

For a nice little technique in combat, use the Abyss Ultimate to stagger enemies, even bosses, and then continue to deliver hits until you run out of stamina, at which point start using your Claw attack that does not require the use of blood meter.

Lastly, if you want to avoid unscripted combat while you roam the streets, you can just use Shadow Veil. This adds to the stealth aspect of the game and will allow you to bypass some enemy types and avoid combat altogether.

This comes in handy where investigations in difficult regions are considered. Keep the above tips in mind, and you will be all set to go when it comes to survival in Vampyr without killing an innocent being.

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