Vampyr Leveling Guide

Our Vampyr Leveling Guide will help you level up and better develop your character in Vampyr via different ways of earning XP through Blood, Mana and Mesmerizing Level.

Since Vampyr is an RPG title, the emphasis on leveling up is high if you want to learn new skills and polish your existing ones.

Vampyr Leveling

The most consistent way of ensuring you level up in Vampyr is through gaining blood that in turn awards you XP. Now we have highlighted all the possible ways you can do that in our Blood Sucking Guide.

The gist of it is that you need to lure innocent London citizens and mesmerize them so you can suck the blood away from them.

While you are at it, it is important to discover more about the particular character that you have intended on feeding since this adds to the amount of XP you will gain at the end of the whole exchange.

You, therefore, need to uncover hints and head investigations to know more about the NPCs and the world for higher rewards.

Other methods, as you will read in our guide, include adding to your Blood Meter through sneaking up on enemies or devouring rats and even some Passive Abilities that reward you with blood on hits you land.

The most rewarding and the most consistent method remains the one where you need to feed on harmless NPCs. To ensure such, you need to have a higher Mesmerizing Level compared to the citizen himself.

In Vampyr, the only way to raise up your Mesmerizing Bar is by playing through the Campaign Mode.

There is no other way around. As soon as you finish a chapter in the main story, you receive a buff when it comes to your Mesmerizing Level.

Once you have found the victim, simply lure them into a hiding spot or safe house that you can use the smoke trails to reach. Now, you will be able to see the Embrace prompt that will allow you to feed on them and earn massive amounts of XP.

Citizens with higher Mesmerizing Levels will award more XP but will be harder to lure as well.

Learning Hints

Apart from bloodsucking and filling the Blood meter, there is another way of gaining XP very fast. This is by learning hints and tips about the NPC.

By doing a side mission and investigations offered by the NPCs, you can learn about their back-stories and in turn their relationship with the main storyline and your story as well.

Learning these tips will grant you XP for every side mission you do, every investigation you complete and every hint you discover about any citizen or about your curse.

Their tips will also allow you to determine whether or not you should suck blood from an NPC and kill them. This is because you will then be aware of the role of those citizens in your storyline and what the impact of their death will be on the city and other citizens.

After having to complete all the tips for a given NPC, you can suck their blood to gain an enormous amount of XP, which you would still have earned had you not done the investigation. Now, you have gained all the XP that NPC has to offer and you are making an informed choice on the fate of that citizen.

Completing Quests

If you do not want to turn exactly violent, you can rely on completing the story mode and defeating both standard and boss enemy types. Additionally, you can also look for Local Events or side missions to gain a little XP.

It is up to you to decide whether Jonathan will blend in as a mortal citizen, helping his fellows or succumb to his blood-stained Vampyric nature. Moreover, this decision will determine how the story goes.

If you choose to help citizen and focus on unveiling hints for your main quest, then you will be at peace with the citizen and the game will go at a normal pace.

However, if you let Reid fall to being his bloodsucking self, then the city will turn violent and there will be fires and riot all over the area.

However, this method is rather slow and would make the game harder so you need to head to the quite alleys (with a citizen) every occasionally.

Impact on Story

You need to, however, keep one thing in mind. As you devour these citizens, there is always going to be some consequences.

The most direct ones being that the Health Level for the sector or region falls and people are caught by more diseases.

If there have been many deaths in a district, more security measures will be taken in the form of increased hostility. Most districts will stop trades and these goods will not be available from merchants, etc.

Likewise, some side missions will also be not valid anymore because of the situation in that district.

Also, avoid feeding on NPCs that have a high reputation or status for e.g. the minister or someone. This will drastically affect the community and eventually how the story plays out.

It is therefore imperative that you should balance both the Feeding on Citizens and Completing Missions methods to earn XP.

The best result would be when you have cleared all the investigations and missions in a particular area and then you proceed to feed on the citizens.

Leveling Up While Playing as the Good Guy

If you choose to play the game as a good doctor and don’t want to embrace any civilians, there are still some ways for you to gain XP; they’re just painfully slow.

When you start out at Whitechapel, visit every single sick person and cure them. This will require quite a bit of resources so you’ll need to loot everything you possibly can. Each person you cure will reward you with 25 XP.

Once there are no more people to be cured, go out on the streets leading to the Pembroke Hospital and defeat all the Skals and Priwen Vampire Hunters you encounter in your path.

You’ll be rewarded with 8 XP for every enemy you kill. Unfortunately, the amount of XP you get does not scale with the level of the enemy.

Once you reach the Pembroke Hospital, cure all the sick people there as well and then make your way towards the Docks.

Remember to kill all the enemies on your way there. After you get to the Docks, cure all the sick people on both the East and West side there. Then, kill all the enemies lurking at the North Docks.

Now, head to a Hideout and rest up. Level up the skills you want and then head to sleep. In the next night, all the enemies will have respawned; so you’ll be able to kill them all again for some more XP.

How to Upgrade and Level Up

Now, once you have enough XP to carry out some decent amount of leveling up, head to the nearest safe house. A particularly safe one is the Pembroke Hospital but any hideout would do.

Once there, rest on the bed to see an upgrade menu pop up showcasing different skills and talents you can learn.

Choose the one that you desire and if you have met the requirements, then you have learned something new you can use in combat or outside of it.

Like any other RPGs, each skill has a tree so you need to follow until the end to max out on a particular talent.

This is all we have in our Vampyr Leveling Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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