Vampyr Endings Guide

With the help of our Vampyr Endings Guide, you will be able to learn all about unlocking different endings in the recently released Vampyr.

Maybe you’ve made the wrong choice and yet got the right ending? Maybe it’s the other way around? Whatever happened, it cannot be undone. But what you can do is find out what you missed, and what different path you could’ve taken in our Vampyr Endings Guide.

Vampyr Endings

Being an RPG where your choices matter and change the course of the game, Vampyr has a total of 4 endings. Of course, there are requirements tied to achieve each ending.

These come in the form of choices you’ve made at each point in the game, whether it was something you opted out in gameplay or in cutscenes.

There are two variations of the good endings and two variations of the bad ending.

Good Ending #1
You managed to not kill a single innocent citizen of London or embraced them. You will also unlock the trophy ‘Not even once’. You can follow our ‘No kill walkthrough’ for dealing with the entire game without having to earn XP through violence.

Remember this doesn’t apply to NPCs that you encounter during main or side quests and have to make choices there.


This isn’t applicable to enemies either. We’re just talking about the freely roaming, innocent citizens that you can find on the streets of London.

In the ending, Jonathan and Elizabeth Ashbury kill off Sir William and head to America to search for the cure to the Lady’s illness.

Good Ending #2
You killed or embraced only a handful of citizens in the game. This could be just a single citizen or not more than 5, there’s no way to know as of yet. There’s no specific number, but we recommend just killing off a single person to be on the safe side.

In this ending, same events will occur that of Lady Ashbury killing Sir William, but instead of heading to America, both of these characters, Jonathan and Lady, stay locked in the castle in search for finding the cure.

Bad Ending #1
The ending is triggered after killing away the majority of the population in each district of London.

You could try killing off some important personalities or ‘Pillars’ of each district for the job. This means that if you have all the districts in the ‘Hostile’ status, then you’ve done your job correctly.

The ending shows the Lady, after killing Sir William, burns herself to prevent her illness being spread to other people.

Jonathan has managed to save the world but that isn’t without the loss of an innocent yet troubled soul. Jonathan ends up distancing himself from the other citizens as he attains complete solitude on a hill.

Bad Ending #2
This ending will only get triggered if you managed to kill every single one of the citizens in the game.

It does sound a little too tragic and difficult, but that’s what we know from the description of the ending. Put on your serial killer shoes, and prepare that hacksaw for some work.

The game ends similarly with Lady committing a suicide by stepping into the fire, but Jonathan isn’t affected so much and continues his killing spree in order to meet his terrible and much-aggravated thirst for blood.

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