Vampyr Choices and Consequences Guide

In this Vampyr Choices and Consequences Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about making some hard choices and their impact.

Vampyr offers an active world full of different NPCs, which can be fed upon as you live out your bloodsucking fantasies. However, every action you take in the game has its consequences so we have curated this Vampyr Choices Guide for you so that it helps you decide what is right for you.

Below, you will find answers to some of the most difficult choices that must be made in the game. The most important is feed to survive or make the world a better place.

Since you are playing as a vampire in Vampyr, you will need to feed on people, but each kill comes with a price, and this price is hefty.

Vampyr Choices and Consequences

Feeding on NPCs is very lucrative because it makes you very powerful in the game. Certain abilities are only unlocked when you drink enough blood, which are extremely useful while playing the game.

However, killing NPCs in Vampyr is not that simple, as each kill will alter the story, lock some content for you, and remove certain vendors, hints, and investigations in the game.

To make this easier, we have detailed all the choices below so you can choose accordingly.

Feeding on NPCs

The most important decision you must make in Vampyr is whether you should feed on NPCs. Feeding on these NPCs is very lucrative because they give huge XP, which is probably the most any activity in the game gives you.

This could range from several hundred to a few thousand XP points. However, feeding on these NPCs may result in dire circumstances for you in the game.

When you feed on an NPC, they will be removed from the game forever. This means any story linked with them, missions, quests, or side activities will be gone forever.

If they are attached to the story at some point, it will also be altered or that specific section of the story will be gone.

If it is very important for you to feed on an NPC, we suggest that you avoid feeding on vendors, hospital staff, key story characters, and anyone that might give you hints in the future. These people are vital to the game and they make your life in London very easy.

You can still feed on somewhat lower-importance NPCs.

Not Feeding on NPCs

Not feeding on an NPC will allow you time to explore hints and facts. For instance, by being a good doctor, you can communicate with the patients in Pembroke Hospital and inquire about their past. But be sure not set them off as some lines of conversations can keep them from revealing the full facts.

While you are up to being a good citizen, try hearing out the citizens worries. Some have lost their child, other their wallets. This way you can be a vigilante at night alongside a vampire and a doctor, solving your patients’ problems.

These investigations are Side Missions and quests that give a good reward on completion. Sometimes they even point to other citizens hints and lead you further on in your main quest.

Clay Cox

You encounter Clay Cox in chapter one of the game and you will need to make a choice with him. You can either release him, feed on him or save him for later.

If you release Clay Cox, you will eventually meet him later in the game where he will give you further missions. He will also give you some tips and an investigation.

If you choose to drink his blood, you will earn a lot of XP but Clay Cox will die instantly. This will remove his investigation from your playthrough and will decrease the district’s health.

We recommend that you release him at this stage, complete his investigation and listen to his tips. Once it is done and then feed on him at a later stage.

Aloysius Dawson

You will meet Aloysius Dawson at a pillar near West End, during Chapter 5 ‘Fountain of Life’ mission. You will have three options to choose from. You can either charm him, turn him into a vampire or suck blood to kill him right away.

The best option here is to charm him, as he will leave his wealth to medical patients which will heal all the sick inhabitants of the districts.

Geoffrey McCullum

During Chapter 5 of Vampyr, you will start a mission called “And by The Sword you die”. Finally, you reach the top of Pembroke Hospital, where you will meet Geoffrey McCullum. You will have two choices to decide McCullum’s fate.

You can either spare him, which will make Geoffrey survive, or Turn him, which will transform him into a vampire. Sparing him is the good choice.

Edgar Swansea

You will meet Edgar Swansea during Chapter 5 ‘Science without conscience’ mission. You will have three options to choose from. You can either let him die, turn him into a vampire or suck blood to kill him right away.

The best option here is to turn him, which will save his life but turn him into a vampire. This decision does not block the good ending – you let Edgar to drink your blood instead of digging your fangs into his neck. You must spend 3,000 XP on this choice

Nurse Dorothy Crane

You will meet her in chapter two of the game and you will be required to choose her fate as well. You can either spare her, feed on her or charm her. If you decide to spare her, you can force her to give up on Lady Ashbury.

Dorothy will later sell the formula for 3rd tier medicines.

If you decide to feed on her, you will earn a lot of XP but since she can heal ill people, more people will fall ill in the district and its status will also decrease. You can also decide to charm her that makes her lose her mind.

If you charm her, she will vanish after the next night and becomes a level 24 Skal when you return to her facility. Kill her to get the key to her chest and get some new medicines.

Harvey Fiddick

He is a patient at the Pembroke Hospital who is awaiting surgery for a long time. The reason for all delays is the contradictions between two doctors, Dr. Thoreau Strickland and Dr. Waverley Ackroyd.

Like many other patients in the game, we have no control over his fate.

We can talk with both the doctors but this does not lead to any solid result and Harvey still has to wait on the two doctors to decide something about him. All you can do is find as many clues in the game and complete all investigations.

Important Tips to remember on choices and consequences

  • Obtain a one-handed weapon to use against foes. With two-handed weapons, you are unable to use your abilities with both hands occupied. Also, your character endures longer with a light weapon such as this. You can find a surgeon saw in Pembroke Hospital in a room on the top.
  • Focus on the blood point weapon upgrades. In weapon upgrade, you will see some upgrades that give you blood points for hitting the target. Focus on these upgrades, so you can continually use your abilities in battle.
  • Develop your self-healing ability. Jonathan the vampire has the astounding ability to heal himself after having been bit. Develop this ability to heal even during fights.
  • Do not bite citizens you have not investigated. Try not to mess with the NPCs whose side stories you have not yet heard or from whom you have not yet taken any hints. Feeding on such NPCs gives you fewer points than taking hints from them and keeping them healthy. And then feed on them later on.
  • Keep scavenging for the useful item. You can find several items on the streets and in houses that can be useful in crafting. Make it a habit to keep collecting whenever you are out. Note that some of the places have replenishable items, that is, you can get back there to get more items after having emptied before.
  • Do events more frequently. If you see a pop-up for an event nearby, take care of it as soon as you can. Otherwise, these can have devastating effects for the town.

How to Unlock all Endings in Vampyr

The choices that you make throughout the game have consequences which lead to different types of endings. Your choices also shape up the type of person Jonathan will become. We have listed all the possible endings below.

Best Ending: Jonathan and Elisabeth leave the Castle for America

This is the best ending as Jonathan and Elisabeth collectively decide to leave the castle for America and find a cure for Elisabeth. Jonathan convinces Elisabeth to accompany him instead of throwing herself in the fire. The important thing to note is that he is only able to convince Elisabeth by telling her that he hasn’t killed a single person ever since his birth keeping intact his oath as a doctor.

In order to achieve this ending you must make sure that you don’t kill a single person in the game. You can still drain the blood of Skals.

Good Ending: Jonathan and Elisabeth lock themselves in the Castle

In this ending Jonathan stops Elisabeth from taking her life and both of them decide to lock themselves up in the Castle. They take this decision to create a cure for Elisabeth. A Skal friend of Jonathan, Old Bridget helps them take care of themselves during this time.

In order to achieve this ending you must kill only a few citizens. The safe limit is four citizens. Be mindful about not killing any citizens in London’s districts, no districts should go hostile.

Bad Ending: Elisabeth ends her life

This is a sad ending, Elisabeth doesn’t believe Jonathan’s words and jumps into the fire. Jonathan isolates himself and is stuck with grief for life.

In this ending, Elisabeth blames Jonathan for betraying her trust. The betrayal that she’s talking about is turning Aloysius into a Vampire. After Jonathan kills Doris Fletcher, Lord Redgrave recommends that he must turn Aloysius into a vampire. Elisabeth is against this because according to her Aloysius could turn out to be one of the worst vampires of all time.

Worst Ending: Elisabeth dies, Jonathan becomes a killer

In this ending Jonathan has become a despicable human as he does not try to save Elisabeth nor does he care when she dies.

For this ending, you must kill almost all the citizens and turn all districts hostile. You will achieve the ‘London’s burning’ trophy for doing so. You must embrace and kill most of the characters in the main questline and turn McCullum into a vampire.

After Elisabeth dies, Jonathan becomes a psychotic killer who goes on a murder spree.

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