Latest Vampyr Trailer Showcases Brutal Combat And Gameplay

Dontnod has revealed a brand new trailer for the Vampyr dubbed as ”becoming the monster” which includes gameplay and transformation of Reid turning into a vampire.

The video shows Dr.Jonathan Reid, the main protagonist who recently turned into a vampire. The video shows more of the gameplay as he’s seen feeding on civilians after getting beaten up making a hard choice to choose their blood to feed on, then power up and get his vampiric abilities restored.

You’ll also earn XP from killing the civilians but Reid is supposed to be a good character, so you will have to make choices. Choose between who deserves to die and lives on. By getting blood in your veins you’ll get to use his different abilities¬†including a bloodspear or Shadowy Abyss attack.

Vampyr looks really interesting and different from the titles we have seen in the past few years and it demands a reasonable PC to run it.

Vampyr will release on June 5, 2018, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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