Valve Introduces New Steam Item Shops for Developers!

Valve is introducing Steam Item Shops for the developers to sell in-game items for cash.

Steam Item Shops are the new go-to place for developers which are going to be launched this week. The feature is going to allow the users to purchase items off the shelf and use them wherever they want in the game.

This means Steam Workshop creations also get to be placed on the Steam Item Shops for sale.

Developers have reportedly received an email from Valve Corporation in which the new item shops were introduced to them saying “this new Item Store is designed to make it easy for developers to establish an in-game economy or to just sell individual cosmetic items, keys, or consumables.”

Moreover, Valve added that these will allow them to construct a monetary aspect out of it that would let the users sell items to be used:

It’s designed to easily integrate with a curated Workshop (similar to Team Fortress 2) so you can accept user-made items, use that data to create item definitions and prices in the Steam Inventory Service, and set those items for sale via the Item Store. Steam takes care of the checkout process, splitting payments to Workshop authors as appropriate, and adding the items to users’ inventories.

You can check out an example of the Steam Item Shops here.

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