Valheim Taming Guide

Back in the old times, people relied heavily on animals for their survival. Similarly, in Valheim, animals are very important....

Back in the old times, people relied heavily on animals for their survival. Similarly, in Valheim, animals are very important. In this Valheim Taming guide, we will go through all that the Valhiem players need to know about animals that can be tamed and bred so that they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Valheim Taming

Animals drop many craftable resources like leather, pelts and some trophies. In Valheim, the animals that you can tame to obtain benefits from are:

  • Wild Boars
  • Wolves
  • Lox

Wild Boars and Lox are a great source of meat and leather, whereas the Wolves, once tamed, fight alongside you in battle. Specifically, for meat and leather, Wild Boars can be hunted down, but for a long-term supply of resources, it’s better to tame them and then breed them.

Wild Boars

Boars are most likely to spawn in the Meadows; therefore, that is where you should look for them.

Wild Boars are easiest to tame as they don’t run too fast and are always looking for food. The first step is to build a pen where the wild boars can be lured into. Once the pen has been built, leave some food there or just scare the boars into it.

The first encounter might be hostile; therefore, equipping armor is suggested. The boar will attack you and you can run into the pen to achieve the above objective.

For taming, the boars need to be fed continuously for days, preferably carrots, as they apparently speed up the taming process.

Once the taming process is done, the boars can be bred by feeding them Boar Carrots. For the breeding purpose, you need at least two tamed boars in the pen.

Wild Boars can be used as the most effective source of farming unlimited leather.

Taming Wolves

These animals are comparatively difficult to tame as they are found in the freezing mountain areas and they are hostile in nature. The first few things to keep in mind are that, like in Wild Boars’ case, a pen has to be built and the Wolves are too baited in.

After building a fence with Stakewall, place some raw meat inside and the wolf will find its way to the food! Once the wolf is inside, close the gate and continuously feed it some meat to complete the taming process.

Make sure that the pen is occasionally repaired as the wolf might damage it over time and escape. Once the wolf is tamed, it will follow you and become your companion. Wolves can even be bred so that you have a lot as your pet.


These reptiles prove to be the hardest to tame! The reason being that these can’t be enclosed in any kind of pen; therefore, they need to be tamed before they can be enclosed.

The hairy Lox loves to eat Barley and Cloudberries. Beware as they also love the Valheim characters and the chances of getting eaten while taming them are quite high!

Once enough of the food that they liked is fed to them, they will be tamed and can be used as a great source of leather