How to Get Unlimited Leather in Valheim

Our guide will show you How to Get Unlimited Leather in Valheim and help you get an unlimited supply of leather so you are never short on this precious crafting resource.

How to Get Unlimited Leather in Valheim

Valheim includes a wide variety of recipes that players can unlock as they gather some essential tools. One of these tools or resources includes Leather.

Leather is attainable from animals like Deers and Boars, but it is not as easy to source as it sounds.

The main sources to gather Leather would be Deers and Boars. Deers are fast running animals with very strong intuitions. You cannot rely on these animals for Leather as it can be time-consuming and tiring.

Boars, on the other hand, are a great option if you want an unlimited Leather source. These animals can be tamed by trapping them inside fences. Let’s discuss how this can be done.

Where to find Boars in Valheim

Before diving into the taming process, we need to find Boars. Let’s discuss the locations where you can discover Boars. Boars are majorly found in the Meadows biome, but Valheim has a large map, so this information is not enough.

It would be best if you looked for boars in specific spots where they are guaranteed to appear.

Open Fields
Look for boars in open fields and spaces. These animals are found around mushroom plants. You can look for damp areas with trees, and you will surely spot a Boar or two.

Big Landmarks
You will be able to mark various Runestones in big landmarks on your map. Boars love to gather Runestones; these stones will be useful for you to spot them. Follow these glowy rocks, and you shall find a couple of Boars.

How to Tame Boars

The reason why you should not kill but tame boars is because it is useful in the longterm.

Instead of getting Leather from boars just one time, tame them to get an unlimited supply. Moreover, Boars will also provide you with a constant supply of food. Let’s jump into the taming process.

Construct a Pen for the Boars
The first important step is to build a pen. For this purpose, you need to find an area where you want to tame your boars.

The site should be big enough for multiple boars as they will reproduce with time. For this purpose, you should prefer Roundpole fences.

These fences are easily attainable, and you also build them from the start of the game. Just make sure that you have a workbench nearby, and you will build this fence. It only requires one wood per rail, and it is very inexpensive.

Now comes the important part, do not close the wall yet! You have to lure your boar inside, so make sure you leave an opening for this purpose.

Lure the Boar
Now the next step is to attract a boar and enclose it inside the fence. This step can be tricky as you have to provoke the boar to attack you first.

Go near the boar and make it come after you. Once it starts chasing, you run inside the fence, close the fence and jump out of it. Congratulations, you have now trapped a boar.

Begin the Taming Process
Now comes the interesting part. The taming process is pretty straightforward; all you have to do is feed your boar. Remember that feral boars will eat anything.

Tamed boars, on the other hand, only eat carrots, so keep your carrot supply up. You can feed untamed boars by throwing mushrooms, carrots, and berries inside the pen.

You can drop food by dragging and dropping it from the inventory to the ground.

Eventually, you will see yellow hearts appear on the boars as they eat. These yellow hearts will mean that the boar has now been domesticated.

Boar Reproduction
To ensure an unlimited supply of Leather, you should mate your boars. Just enclose a couple inside the fence, and they shall reproduce. Remember to feed them with carrots regularly and don’t let them starve.

It would be best if you also kept the pen at a good distance from your workbench as boars will try to jump out of the fence multiple times.

When you get near them, they might even attack you. You will also have to rebuild the wall numerous times.

Why do you need Leather?

It is important to stack up on Leather in Valheim to craft many other tools. Leather scraps help you build armor and many useful gadgets to help you throughout the game. In Valheim, ensuring a stable and unlimited supply of Leather is key to success.

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