More UWP Apps Made it to Xbox One

Microsoft has allowed 24 new UMP apps to make it to Xbox One. Just days ago the company added 40 apps to Xbox One so the total number is now 64 new apps.

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  • BK Music : Application to play music from the VK service.
  • Dev Mode Activation : Activate developer mode to test the UWP.
  • Earth View – Map 3D : Application to view 3D maps.
  • Explore Excel : An application that teaches how to use Excel.
  • Game Controller Tester : Application used to test our command.
  • ImFast : Application online service ImFast images.
  • Langua : A social network for Windows 10. It has few options but works well.
  • Light Sensor Data : Control the LUX sensors from our house.
  • Love Nature : Application streaming video showing nature videos about 4K.
  • Media Center . Application Media Center on Xbox One does not seem to work even good.
  • Meridian : Application plays music from the VK service supports background audio.
  • MixtimeRadio : Online Radio, very simple, but good music.
  • MyMusic : I have not understood very well that proposes this app, but it’s a music player.
  • Power Planner : Application used to create tasks, but it seems very complete plan focused study classes.
  • Radiobabayaga : Online Radio, supports music in the background.
  • RNorba : Online Radio, works very erratically but supports background audio.
  • Radio Nora Radio online, works very erratically but supports background audio.
  • RadioStorm : Radio Radio online as Nora, also operates erratically.
  • Santos FC Journal : If you’re a fan of the football club Santos, this is your app.
  • Shaderfix : An application that uses the service and shaders shows created by users.
  • Tidal Unofficial : unofficial Customer service tidal streaming. An app with careful quality.
  • UrzaGatherer : Application to manage your cards in Magic The Gathering.
  • X-Skyer : Application for Chinese XBOX-Sky (In Chinese all) network.
  • Zeptle-App : Application to view video and audio streaming service in the Italian Zeptle.

Microsoft will add more apps to the mix in the coming weeks.

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