Update 3.0 for Playstation 4 Japan Beta Details Leak

Beta testing has begun for Playstation 4's Update 3.0. One of the participants has been kind enough to leak what we can expect in the upcoming update.

Beta testing for Playstation 4 Update 3.0 has begun in Japan, and it looks like one of the people testing has revealed what players can expect. If all of these are true, there are some nice additions to the functionality to come.

Pocketnews have the list of updates that are being beta tested right now, here are some of the main points:

  • Events have been added to the main menu, users will have the ability to discover, participate, and view events
  • Community has been added to the Friends menu. This feature lets you find similar players based on the games you play. Communities can be created or joined by the user.
  • In Now Playing users will see a list of what other players are playing. From this list they can easily start a game or form a party. Players can also request to view a user’s gameplay through the list. Now Playing has been added to What’s New, Friends, Community, and Messages.
  • Messages have been improved to include what the messenger is playing, and allow parties to be started, users can also add favourite groups to favourite list.
  • Youtube broadcasting has been enabled.
  • Videos can be uploaded to Twitter, though only 10 seconds clips.
  • Live from Playstation has been improved to support broadcasts, video clips and screenshots.


  • Automatic Scroll Speed has been updated to allow for changing of the speed.
  • In Notifications Community Items, Gameplay Viewing Requests, Events and Current Song have been added.


  • Comments can now be added to What’s News activity feed items.
  • Stamps have been added to Messages.
  • Playstation Plus section has been added to the main menu, giving easier access and information on the Instant Game Collection and member discounts.
  • Blu-ray/DVD player now supports accessibility features.
  • Game start-up restrictions can be applied when viewing age information and rating.
  • Child’s use sub-account can now be created by users.
  • Parent Control option on Settings will allow user to block harmful websites.

While in beta, no date has been given when all uses will get these updates. With plenty of interesting additions listed, perhaps the most interesting is the YouTube broadcasting. Many who enjoy streaming though probably have a dedicated community on Twitch now, so many not choose that as an option.

What do you think of the updates listed in the beta? Let us know your thoughts below.


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