Epic Games Has Trademarked “Unreal Verse”, What Is It?

Something termed as “Unreal verse” has been registered by Epic Games. It is a new trademark filed in the United States. The trademark is in its pending stage for 6 days. After 3 months, the new enlistment from Epic Games will be assigned to an examining attorney. But what is it?

It seems like Unreal Verse has a link with Unreal Engine. The classification of the new brand comes under ‘downloadable computer software development tools’. Now as we know its classification, we can assume that it will be used as an addition to their computer software.

As we know that Unreal Engine is a property of Epic Games. The software is used by several popular developers in the gaming industry. It is free of cost engine (excluding royalty) to primarily help in the development of video games and movies. It could be possible, that the Verse is a future upgrade for Unreal Engine.

Unreal Verse

Epic Games has to abide by the set criteria for filing trademarks in the United States. Epic Games would have to use Unreal Verse within 3 years of its registration. Hence, it would not be long enough before we hear something about Unreal Verse from Epic Games.

In the case of Epic Games not using the trademark, will result in its cancellation. Epic Games also need to perform periodic usage of their new mark. But it looks clear that Epic Games has something up their sleeve, and will use it in future as an edge over other competitor development software.

If Unreal Verse is to bring an upgrade, it will surely be to enhance gaming graphics and mechanics. Needless to say, have some salt since there is no official announcement.

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