Ex Crytek Artist Recreates The Introduction Of Metal Gear Solid 2 In Unreal Engine With Ray Tracing

The mythical bridge scene in Metal Gear Solid 2 has been recreated in Unreal Engine 4 and uses the wonders of real-time ray tracing technologies.

Erasmus Brosdau, AMD art director, who also worked on titles such as Crysis, Ryse, and Star Citizen, wanted to share with his followers a new creation. His new creation is the mythical bridge scene in Metal Gear Solid 2, but he recreated it in Unreal Engine 4 and used the wonders of real-time ray tracing technologies.

The result is absolutely spectacular, although it is a shame that the video was not uploaded to YouTube, where we could enjoy it in all its splendor. We leave you with Erasmus Brosdau’s tweet below:

To make this updated version, as mentioned above, Brosdau has used the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 while making use of ray tracing, a technique that tries to mimic the way in which light works in the real world, providing consequently more realistic images and details. These ray-tracing techniques are so realistic that it almost looks real to the average person.

Last year, Brosdau did the same with the intro of the original Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was the seventh best-selling PS2 game selling about 7 million copies worldwide. Years after the events of Metal Gear Solid, in Shadow Moses, Agent Raiden has to infiltrate a cleaning plant that has been attacked by a terrorist group led by Revolver “Shalashaska” Ocelot and Solid Snake. For this, you will have the help of Solid Snake.

We remind you that Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty released on 13 November 2001. Seeing this recreated introduction of Metal Gear Solid 2 is a nice reminder of the original game.

Erasmus Brosdau is also the creator of an episodic web series called Origin Zero. Origin Zero is one of the 1st cinematic projects to be completely reliable on real-time rendering technology. You can check out the first episode here.

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