Epic Games Had to Tweak Unreal Engine 5 to Catch Up With PS5

You must have already seen the incredible Unreal Engine 5 demo running on a PS5 a couple of weeks ago. Epic Games has gone to extreme lengths to show what their engine is capable of. Only the perfectionists were left unamazed. What we didn’t know is that developers had to rewrite some parts of the Unreal Engine so that it can keep up with the speed of PlayStation 5.

Nick Penwarden, VP of engineering at Epic Games has recently talked to VG247, highlighting the importance of PS5’s power to Unreal Engine. According to him, Sony’s next-gen console is a huge step in the right direction in terms of hardware. He says:

“The PlayStation 5 provides a huge leap in both computing and graphics performance. Its storage architecture is also truly special.”

Penwarden goes on by saying that Epic Games had to rewrite some core elements in the Unreal Engine so that it fits PS5 perfectly. This is something that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s next games can take advantage of. It’s not every day that a huge engine company tweaks their product for your hardware. This is something that is happening with the future in mind according to Penwarden:

“The ability to stream in content at extreme speeds enables developers to create denser and more detailed environments, changing how we think about streaming content. It’s so impactful that we’ve rewritten our core I/O subsystems for Unreal Engine with the PlayStation 5 in mind”

For now, we can only hope that getting our hands on a Playstation 5 is as satisfying as developers claim it is. Undeniably, even if we can’t get a sense of its power, developers will be able to make better games.

Many studios have already revealed that making a game on PS5 is easier and better than ever. With the use of the Unreal Engine, we might be seeing more high-quality games for PS5 in the next years.

We can do nothing but wait and see when Sony plans to release its next-generation console.

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