Uncharted The Lost Legacy Length May Be Over 10 Hours: No Short Adventure

Apparently the Uncharted The Lost Legacy length may be nearly 10 hours, and so is by no means a short adventure like Left Behind was for Last Of Us.

Arne Meyer, the communications director for Naughty Dog, has said that the Uncharted The Lost Legacy length has been expanded from a downloadable content pack, to a standalone expansion.

It’s not a short one either, as apparently the length is around 10 hours or more, where Uncharted 4 can be around 15 hours.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy focuses on two prior Uncharted characters: Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross. With India in the middle of a brutal civil war, Ross and Frazer will be searching for the fabled Tusk of Ganesh, with another mercenary group hot on their heels.

It sounds like the setup of another Uncharted game, but unlike the mainline games Nadine and Chloe won’t be traveling all over the world.

Instead they’ll be sticking to one country, while visiting a few locations in that area as the story progresses.

Meyer said that the reason for the story being so long is because they couldn’t find anything to cut out. Previously, Naughty Dog had released a stand-alone expansion to The Last Of Us, focusing on Ellie and her best friend Riley as they explore a ruined city.

However, that sort of DLC was fairly short, and only took around an hour or two to beat. With the Uncharted The Lost Legacy length the way it is, it really speaks to how much more content The Lost Legacy will have than the Last Of Us DLC, which is known as Left Behind.

There’s no real release date for Uncharted The Lost Legacy yet, but hopefully Naughty Dog will unveil one when (or if) they come to E3.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep on the watch for any new information about The Lost Legacy.

The game, when it comes out, will be coming to the Playstation 4 exclusively. If you want to get to know Nadine and Chloe better, you can buy Thief’s End and the other Uncharted games.

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