Uncharted 4 Won’t Feature Leveling System, Will Stick to its Roots

Despite having a new writer and new features, Uncharted 4 is largely planning to stick to its iconic fast-paced action and story-telling.

Despite having a new writer and adding plenty of new and exciting features, Uncharted 4 is largely planning to stick to its fast-paced action and story-telling roots that has made the franchise so loveable. At Gamescom, Naughty Dog was asked the somewhat underappreciated question of whether or not the new staff has decided to implement any character progression system. The answer was a simple ‘no’.

The question was asked by PlayM while keeping The Last of Us in mind. However, Naughty Dog raised a very valid argument against the usage of a character progress system: it simply hindered the flow of Uncharted. Unlike the slower paced The Last of Us which emphasized slow and tactical, environmental-influenced approach, Uncharted is a game that is best when things are happening at a fast pace.

Nathan isn’t a guy who will stop for a moment and think about what to do next; he just simply improvises and makes best of the situation. This flow is what has led to the game being compared to the classic Pitfall, and also the reason for the franchise’ immense success.

Community dev Arne Meyer assured that Uncharted was staying true to its roots, and that despite subtle changes in narrative and personality, the game is largely going to follow the same fun, flow, and exciting path of its predecessors. They were quick to point out that the awesome E3 demo was somewhat a ‘summary’ of what the game has to offer: exciting, adventurous, and hectic infiltrations and escapades by Nathan alongside those who are close to him.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

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