Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Mode DLC Will Free, DLC Roadmap Revealed

Uncharted 4 multiplayer mode DLC will be free for all, Naughty Dog and Sony will not be charging for any future DLCs for the MP modes. Players will be able to earn Relics within the game that will be used to access multiplayer Modes and its DLC via its in-game store.

You can earn Relics via daily Challenges or winning matches and spend these on DLC chests. There are two types of DLC chests; a DLC Vanity Chest or a DLC Gameplay Chest. Both won’t give you duplicate items so rest assured that your Relics won’t go to waste.

Developers want to make sure that Uncharted 4 Multiplayer community isn’t fragmented by different types of DLC. Naughty Dog will be adding Mysticals, Boosters into DLC Gameplay Chests. Each Chest will contain new gameplay items.

Naughty Dog will also release new maps, modes and gameplay items that will bring new gameplay styles.

Triple Pack

For those of you who purchased the Triple Pack (also included in the Digital Deluxe Edition), you’ll gain future access to:

The first-ever single-player story add-on for the Uncharted series
Two multiplayer packs to enhance your multiplayer experience:

MP Pack #1
– Long Gun
– Booster
– Skin
– Hat
– Taunt

MP Pack #2

– Pistol
– Booster
– Mystical
– Hat
– Taunt

At launch, players will have 6 Uncharted 4 multiplayer modes.

Ranked: In Ranked Team Deathmatch, Ranks range from Bronze III to Diamond I. You’ll be awarded points for winning a match, and points will be deducted for losing.
Command: In this mode, you’ll capture Command Sites for a steady flow of points, or knock out enemy Captains for a large point bonus. Command emphasizes teamwork and a large part of that comes from protecting your Captain.
Team Deathmatch: A fight to the end with teammates at your side. The goal is to score a certain number of points to win, with each enemy KO being worth one point.
Plunder: In Plunder, grab the idol and return it to your treasure chest for one point. You can throw and climb with the Idol.
Warm Up Playlist: We have made a lot of new gameplay mechanics available, and the Warm Up playlist gives players the opportunity to explore them. You will only be able to play in this playlist for a certain number of matches, to help you understand the multiplayer mechanics before joining the fight.
Trials: Set up as pseudo competitive matches, players go up against enemy NPC opponents with the goal of getting a high score using specific multiplayer mechanics. Each of the 10 Trials will include different levels of difficulty and will award Relics for completion.

Uncharted 4 will release on May 10 for PlayStation 4.

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