Uncharted 4 Made $56 Million In Digital Sales and Microtransactions Last Month

Uncharted 4 made 56 million dollars in digital sales and microtransactions, beating Call of Duty Black Ops 3 with over 2.7 million physical copies sold.

When Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was released last month, it broke records and rapidly became a smash hit. A report from SuperData Research, an intelligence firm, said that the game has made over 56 million dollars in may alone, through just digital sales and microtransactions. That’s not even including actual physical sales.

Uncharted 4’s sales knocked Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 off of its top spot on the sales chart, where it had sat for months. In addition to its 56 million in digital sales and microtransactions, Sony reports that the game also sold over 2.7 million physical copies from various retailers. It was even able to keep Doom away from its top spot when that game came out.

Uncharted 4 is the last entry in Nathan Drake’s story, giving him one last job to discover the lost pirate colony of Libertalia, on Madagascar. This story takes him from Panama to Africa to Madagascar itself as he and his brother Sam Drake are hounded the whole way by Rafe Adler, a ruthless treasure hunter who will stop at nothing to find the treasure before the Drake brothers do.

The massive amount of digital sales brings more credence to the rising importance of digital game sales, not to mention the game’s microtransactions. Uncharted 4’s microtransactions aren’t going to give you anything like better weapons or abilities, but you will get everything from new skins to cool (or hilarious) dances.

The fact that the mictotransactions were able to be counted among the 56 million dollars also speaks to the replayability of the game’s multiplayer, where you can swing around as any of the series’s major characters, use mystic totems, call in assistance from various computer-controlled units, and more.

Considering that Uncharted 4 has unseated Black Ops 3 from its spot at the top of the May sales charts, hopefully taste will prevail over spectacle and Uncharted can keep its spot when the end of June rolls around.

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