Uncharted 4 Chapter 11: Founders Wheel Puzzle Solution

Chapter 11 of Uncharted 4 has players going inside another clock tower, this time one which used to be part of a pirate haven. Within this clock tower, players will stumble upon the Founders Wheel puzzle of UC4.

If you are struggling to solve the Founders Wheel puzzle in Uncharted 4 Chapter 11, we have prepared this guide to help you quickly solve puzzle.

How to solve the Founders Wheel puzzle in Uncharted 4

Once you enter the room in the Clock Tower with the Founders Wheel, you have to rotate the symbol squares on it according to the paintings you will find in the associated rooms.

Pick the highlighted symbols on the paintings and note them in your journal. You have to look at the star pattern hidden on each Founder portrait.

After that, you have to rotate the squares on the Founders Wheel according to the star pattern. Don’t worry; you can follow the solution pattern of all four Founders puzzles in UC4 mentioned below.

Puzzle #1 Solution

Firstly while interacting with the Wheel, you have to turn the square on the left side left and the square on the right side right. It will solve the first Puzzle and open the first room with pirate paintings.

Founders Wheel Puzzle 1

Puzzle #2 Solution

After examining the paintings in the first room and creating notes in your journal, get back to the Founders Wheel and make the following changes

Founders Wheel Puzzle 2

  • Rotate the square with two figures to the left.
  • Rotate the square with Pegasus to thee right.
  • Rotate the Dragon square to thee right.

It will open up the second room.

Puzzle #3 Solution

After examining the paintings and retaking notes, get back to the Founders Wheel and rotate the squares in the following order

Founders Wheel Puzzle 3

  • Rotate the Dolphin square to the right.
  • Rotate the Trident square to the left.
  • Turn skeleton hands square upside down.

Puzzle #4 Solution

Again, to solve the final Puzzle, you have to examine the paintings and adjust their positions on your Journal first, then head to the Wheel to make the following adjustments

Founders Wheel Puzzle 4

  • Turn the Scales square upside down.
  • Rotate the Serpent square left.
  • Turn the monkey square upside down.
  • Rotate the tiger square to the right.

When Founders Wheel turns over, you have to take a picture of all three discs on it to solve the Puzzle.

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