Uncharted 4 File Size is 48GB, Game Pushing PS4 to Its Limits

Uncharted 4 file size on PlayStation 4 meaning it may be time to clear up some space, back up some games to make room for Drake's last adventure.

Uncharted 4 file size is 48GB on PlayStation 4 so you may need to clear out some space before its arrival. The game releases on May 10 and according to Naughty Dog, it is pushing the technical limitations of Sony’s new machine.

The beta for Uncharted 4 was around 11GB and only featured the multiplayer portion of the title. The complete game requires 48GB of space, so that is around 37GB for single-player campaign.

Uncharted 4 is a massive game with larger and more open maps compared to previous games. Just recently we saw a new gameplay video showing the lush environment of Madagascar. Nathan Drake, Sam Drake, and Sully will travel around the world looking for a pirate treasure while trying to remain one step ahead of the enemy.

Uncharted 4 is the longest Uncharted game with most locations. Each unique and more beautifully made then the last. The opening sequence alone is said to be one of the best Naughty Dog has ever created.

Speaking of “locations,” Sony and Naughty Dog are giving you a chance to travel around the world. You need to preorder Uncharted 4 to get a unique code. Head over to the official website and play an instant win game of flipping a coin.

You can win PlayStation 4 bundle, Uncharted 4 special edition, Xperia Z smartphone and much more. Each flip of the coin will count as an entry for the grand prize, a trip around the world for two.

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