Ubisoft Pass, A Rumored Subscription Service Leaks Ahead Of E3

We all know Ubisoft E3 panel will be happening this year. What the company plans to reveal, however, may have been leaked as Ubisoft pass.

From the looks and sound of it, this may be Ubisoft’s take on the subscription service model that Xbox and EA have been doing. Here’s the deleted placeholder that was formerly on the Ubisoft store:

Ubisoft could easily run a subscription service with its vast library of games under its belt. Of course, it’ll have to delve deep into the archives to fill up subscription pass with games that weren’t recently out. Games like Splinter Cell Conviction for example. Rather the whole series even, since it’ll be a long time before we see the next one.

The subscription-based game service model has been set as a precedent by the Xbox Game Pass which has the most variety available. This is due to Ubisoft and EA being restricted to their own games. The model is also seen as the Netflix of games due to the prospect of saving money by getting several games for the same price. The catch is having to pay monthly, however.

Origins Access has been doing okay so far. It’s a unique case that EA hasn’t recently released any good games. They did add beloved classics like the original two Battlefront games to their Origins Access, however.

Uplay hosts several recent and old games like any of the Rainbow Six series or their more deviated games like For Honor. Again, all we have on this rumored service is a screenshot. Heck, it’s even possible that Ubisoft Pass isn’t even a subscription service.

If it is though, another detail leaked was the presence of subscription pass. If we’re to assume this works like EA Origins Access premium, it means holders of the pass could be gaining access to unreleased upcoming games.

Could the Ubisoft E3 conference be the reveal of playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint ahead of its release using the premium subscription pass?

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