Ubisoft Insider Says PewDiePie Attacker Is Just a Bad Egg, Not a Representative of the Company’s Values

Update 2: Ubisoft PR has provided the following statement to Segmentnext: We respect and support our employees’ right to express...

Update 2: Ubisoft PR has provided the following statement to Segmentnext:

We respect and support our employees’ right to express themselves around issues they feel strongly about within our industry. This is an internal matter and as such we won’t comment further

Update: We were able to confirm that Dianna Lora is still working at Ubisoft Massive.

Original Story: One of the employees from Ubisoft Massive, Dianna Lora, took to Twitter not too long ago and issued a veiled threat to PewDiePie. The community reacted to it by threatening to boycott The Division 2, a game Dianna is associated with.

There are unconfirmed reports that Dianna is fired from her position but since Ubisoft hasn’t addressed the situation, we can’t say for certain if this is the case. However, a Ubisoft insider released a statement to YouTuber “TheQuartering” in which he basically explained how Dianna is one of the few bad eggs working at Ubisoft Massive.

In his statement, he assured the community that her views are not representative of the workforce at Ubisoft. In fact, she wasn’t even directly associated with The Division 2’s development.

“TheQuartering” claimed that he made sure that this person actually worked at Ubisoft before making his statement public and here is what the Ubisoft insider had to say about the situation while choosing to remain anonymous.

I hope that you know most of the people working at Ubisoft Massive are sane. And she does not represent the company. Dianna is one of the unfortunately large handful of loudmouth leftist hired merely for this reason. To promote leftists ideologies and force it on the community.

Hence, writing privately, of course, due to not wanting to lose my job in the case somebody sees my comment. Massive is a great studio with unfortunate “poop stains” like her that serve no purpose for the actual game development.


Embarrassed employee

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 has nothing to do with Dianna Lora so the community should not take their anger out of hundreds of hard-working employees who created the game. If Dianna Lora did indeed lose her job over this, while it is excessive, it should be the end of it.

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