Ubisoft Explains Why The Division Lacks a Splitscreen Mode

Ubisoft has provided reason as to why The Division does not have a spliltscreen mode.

Closed-beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division left participants with a lot of questions and concerns such as poor AI, clunky movement, lack of splitscreen mode, the reason behind first-person perspective, and more.

With almost one month left until the game’s official release date, Ubisoft is trying to clear up all the concerns and there appears to be a solid logic behind why developers choose to do away with certain features – splitscreen for one.

Speaking with Finder.com; the Creative Director for the Division Magnus Jansen said that the progressive nature of the game demands a lack of splitscreen mode. To Jansen, the ability to seamlessly transform from singleplayer to co-op to online requires that a player does all of this on his/her own and without being tied to another player:

One of the biggest reasons why there is nothing like that in The Division is because of the progression nature of the game. Being able to seamlessly move from single, to co-op, to online with the same character that you are always improving, is something that you want to do on your own. You don’t want to be tied to whenever another player wants to quit.

Ubisoft basically wants players to move in and out seamlessly and whenever they want without a second partner holding them back. The game is expected to undergo an open-beta real soon; you can head over to the link for more details on all the changes.

The Division is scheduled to release on Mar. 08, 2016 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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